Attending Self Storage Auctions is About to Get a Lot Easier

It’s the American Dream to hit the lottery; to find the needle in the haystack. We want to find our thingy; our doo-hickey; our watch-a-ma-call-it that is going to make us money as we sit back and do nothing—or next to nothing. In recent years many have taken to self storage auctions to try and find it.

However, when it comes to attending self storage auctions it takes a little work. You have to find out where they are and when they are going to start—not to mention physically going there. Even than it could all be for nothing if the storage unit owners come through at the last minute to save their units.

Sounds kind of frustrating, huh? You would think that with modern technology being what it is we could come up with someway to just do it all online—and we have!

Sites like StorageBattles and are becoming more common. The idea is simple. Instead of having to drive to one facility you can sit at home and browse through as many self storage auctions as you want.

Easy–right? It is about to get a lot easier. has gone mobile!

So when you are out and about, stuck waiting in line, or lounging at the park you can now pull out your smart phone or tablet and access the website. Just like if you were at your desktop or laptop you can view auctions, make bids, and check on the status of an ongoing auction.

Whenever there is something that is so logical you can’t believe it isn’t done everywhere there is a catch—not every state allows for online self storage lien auctions yet. Oregon joined the fold as of January 1. Maryland passed a law in October so that self storage facilities in the state can start holding auctions online. After working on the law since March of last year North Carolina signed the new law that went into action on October 1.

If technology is supposed to be our friend it only makes sense that it is used to the fullest advantage that the law allows. As more and more states see the benefits and ease at which online auction operate more will likely adjust their existing lien laws or pass new legislation in order to allow for virtual auctions.

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