Are the Tenants of Your Self Storage Facility Locked Up Good and Tight at Night? Are You Sure?

Posted on Apr 6 2011 - 4:39pm by Holly Robinson

Next to getting bad news, there is probably one thing that most people would say that they absolutely hate to do—give bad news. In ancient Rome the message would often get killed for being the bearer of bad tidings. Thankfully, that is no longer an acceptable practice. However, that still does not make the task any easier.

Operators of self storage facilities are sometimes faced with having to give their tenants the bad news that their lock was cut off and that the treasures that they had entrusted to the care of your storage facility are gone.

Security tends to be something that self storage operators tend to struggle with. On one hand you know that you are a target for some criminals so you need whatever you can get.

With the high tech capabilities that are available today you can get some pretty intense security—if you are willing to pay the price. That price of course results in higher fees to your tenants and the risk that you may price yourself out of existence.

So then in order to stay in business you get a comfortable level of security that does not make you too expensive. Does that mean that your tenants are taking a risk by leaving their belongings with you? It does not if you are up front and talk with your tenants about what they can do to help safeguard their belongings.

“The customer needs to understand the business. No one brings their own lock to a hotel. Why should self storage customers determine the security level of a facility by bringing their own lock?” said Rich Morahan of Lock America.

What it all comes down to is the kind of lock that tenants place on their storage unit.

“It’s very important that a facility carry a Good, Better, and Best option for their customers,” Bill Meyers of Supply Side says. “They need a lock to secure their unit, and why have them leave your property to go and buy one from a big box discount store or their local hardware store?…The average thief will not spend more than a few minutes breaking in and a disc lock will require a grinder that makes noise and takes more than a few seconds to remove.”

However, more important than having options available at your facility for tenants to choose from, is knowing about the options that you have. People are preparing to leave something which they believe to be very valuable. In most cases they will understand that your facility is only going to be secure to a point. That makes the lock that they put on their unit very, very valuable to them. The more you can help them with that choice, the more likely they are to remain tenants and even recommend you to others.

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