All-in-One Works Well for the Self Storage Industry in the Real and Virtual World

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 8:53pm by Tony Gonzalez

There are different thoughts as to how a business should approach doing business. Some like to think it is better to concentrate on a niche and be the experts in it. Others would say that it’s better to try and be a one-stop shop; a place that offers customer whatever they could need. Both trains of thought can work in the self storage industry, but all-in-one is becoming more and more popular.

There is nothing wrong with just wanting to stick to the basics and concentrate on just offering self storage units. It’s a lot easier to stay up on the needs of tenants and duties for employees are much easier to streamline. The easier it is to do a job the easier it can be to excel at it.

On the other hand if a customer needs a moving van, boxes, tape, labels, moving dolly, lock, and any other miscellaneous item they are going to appreciate just having to walk in to the main office.

The same can be said when it comes to the virtual self storage business as well. For example, TCL Media Group’s latest endeavor——aims to be the comprehensive authority when it comes to online storage auctions. To do so they acquired and merged it with two entities the company already owned, and was just as the name implies; a place where people could go to learn about and discuss storage auctions. The new site will already have over 30,000 posts in the forum section as well as over 500 blog posts, a number of celebrity interviews, and more than 1000 comments.

Basically the site will provide people with a wealth of information about storage auctions along with the opportunity to ask other users questions.

Oh—and people can view and bid on active storage auctions online.

Viewers will be able to zoom in on photographs now in order to get a better look at what they may or may not want to place a bid. Users can also access a mobile version of the site if they want to check on an auction or place a bid when they are on the go.

If people want there is even a widget they can install on their own website that will allow them to follow an auction via their own site as well as see when other auctions are posted.

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