A Short Film is Based on the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Jul 10 2013 - 10:40pm by Tony Gonzalez

If you evaluate the topics of movies, you’ll notice that there are a lot of common ones. There are super heroes, invading aliens, spies and counterspies, historical events, and love stories. However, it’s a rare thing to find a movie based on the self storage industry.

Boxed In is an independent film that will be showing July 11 through July 14 in the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival – and it is based on the self storage industry.

Naga Kataru, the director of this film said that the first time he visited a self storage facility it felt creepy. (He wouldn’t feel that way now if he visited a facility. Most all of them in the United States are clean, tidy, well-kept, and well-lighted.)

Since then, Kataru has been fascinated about the facilities. He discovered an interesting cultural indicator – people can’t let go of their possessions so they put them in storage units. However, one of his findings perturbed him. He discovered that there were undocumented aliens living in storage units and they forced to work.

This discovery inspired him with the premise for his movie. He initially wanted it to be a documentary but as he worked on it, it morphed into a short film.

There is a lot of parallelism in the movie with real life. People can’t give up their things so they put them in storage. The main character can’t let go of his past so he becomes a recluse. The movie also explores the theme of what it takes to face your fears and how you can overcome them.

The movie is about an alcoholic and reclusive man that has lots of issues. He manages a run-down self storage facility. He is afraid to go into the storage units himself. So, his assistant manages the facility while the manager hides in his office.

One day, the assistant shows a storage unit to a customer but does not return. The manager has to confront his fears and actually go into the facility to find out what happened to his assistant.

Kataru used to be a Google engineer. He took a sabbatical from Google and enrolled in a 5-week film program. He enjoyed the program so much that he quit his job with Google.

For his post-production work on the movie, Kataru worked with Rough House, whom he was acquainted with because Rough House had done work on Google’s corporate films. Rough House provided editing, graphic design, and color correction on the film. They also smoothed out bumpy spots in the story line.

Boxed In premiered at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in December 2012. Since then, the film has played at several film festivals around the United States and recently won The FreeStyle Life’s Audience award for the 2013 Best Short film.

If you happened to be in San Francisco July 11-14, you might want to consider seeing a movie based on your self storage industry!

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