A Self Storage in Nova Scotia is Affected by Hurricane Leslie

People along the Gulf Coast are very familiar with flooding that comes from the torrential rains that accompany hurricanes. They know about the high winds. They know about the downpour. They know exactly what the people of Nova Scotia are going through right now.

Earlier this week, Hurricane Leslie pounded Nova Scotia and dumped over 5 inches of rain over the area. Roads washed out. Homes were flooded. A dike behind a clothing plant broke causing the plant to be evacuated. Firefighters in a boat went door-to-door rescuing people.

Jeff MacDonald is the owner of Central Storage. This week on Monday morning about 7:30 a.m., he thought things at his storage facility would be fine and would not be impacted by the hurricane. Then he heard that the street that his facility was on was being closed to motorists. Then, he learned that the nearby subway was closed.

That’s when he stared to worry. He called his manager that lived onsite. She told him that at the bottom of the stairwell, the water was ankle deep. Later in the day, the water rose to where it was three-and-a-half feet deep. He knew he couldn’t make it to his facility that day so he started calling his tenants. He was finally able to make it to his facility by 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

By that time, many of the renters had removed their possessions out of their storage units. However, there were still people sorting through their things. They spread pictures and blankets out in the sun trying to salvage them. They also set out furniture and appliances to dry.

He’s still in the process of trying to contact a small handful of renters.

When renters sign up for a storage unit, MacDonald tells them that it is their responsibility to get insurance. He’s not sure how many have it and hopes that many of them do.

The Nova Scotia government is undecided about providing financial aid to those affected by the flood. While the minister who is responsible for emergency management hasn’t committed any financial assistance, people are encouraged to get an accurate assessment of the damage done to their homes. They also need to keep any receipts that they might have for any repairs done.

The local government is also trying to determine who is responsible for one of the dikes that was breached. (The government isn’t sure who owns some of the dikes.) In the near future, they will assess all of the dikes in the area to determine what can be done to improve them so that there will not be flooding in the future.

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Central Storage.

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