A Phone Call Away From Self Storage and Fighting Cancer

Posted on Sep 14 2012 - 11:24pm by Winnie Hsiu

In today’s world people are always trying to find a way to kill two birds with one stone; we want to get more things done quicker while doing less ourselves. Call it lazy, call it time management, or call it being more productive; the point is that we are less and less satisfied with single purpose activities. We want to do more with less, and we want to do it yesterday!

You could say that was the logic behind a recent charity drive by the good people at PhoneSmart, a reservation center that takes calls for over 100 clients in the self storage industry.

PhoneSmart began back in 2000 as the reservation center for StorageMart, a self storage company with over 130 facilities in the United States and Canada, but has since gone on to take on a life of its own and an extensive client list.

Like many in the self storage industry, PhoneSmart has been a longtime supporter of charitable causes. One such cause that has received a lot of support from the self storage industry over the years has been Kure It, a charity that works to raise funds to aid in cancer research.

Recently Kure It passed a milestone; one that PhoneSmart hopes to be passing sometime in the near future as well. Kure It crossed the $1 million threshold in funds raised. PhoneSmart is not trying to raise funds like Kure It, but hopes to soon take its one millionth reservation lead.

As a way to help Kure It and track progress towards its own goal PhoneSmart pledged to donate a quarter for every reservation taken in August to go towards Kure It. When all was said and done the company took 6315 reservations equally out to a $1578.75 donation.

“PhoneSmart has historically led the way for the self storage industry’s support of Kure It,” said Kure It founder Barry Hoeven. “They never miss an opportunity to promote our mission to their clients and colleagues, and the donation drive is another example of their commitment to giving back. By raising over $1,500, one quarter at a time, they have demonstrated that every penny counts in the fight against cancer.”

PhoneSmart took its 900,000th reservation back on April 17.

“I remember when we wrote our very first self storage reservation. To think we’d write 900,000 of them in just over 11 years is really something else. It is a tribute to our fantastic employees and our wonderful clients who work together to keep the phone lines buzzing,” said Tron Jordheim, PhoneSmart Director of Operations.

The previous 100,000 reservations took approximately nine months to come in; the 100,000 before those 11 months. At that rate the millionth call could come as early as the beginning of the year.

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