A Christmas Wish List for the Self Storage Industry

Posted on Nov 25 2011 - 1:15pm by Kim Kilpatrick

Thanksgiving gives all of us time to pause and think about the many things in life that we have to be grateful for, whether it’s health, family, a roof overhead, or the latest and greatest toys and gadgets, everyone has something or someone who they are thankful for. However, now that Turkey Day 2011 is in the books, it is time to move on to the business at hand—Christmas.

Moms and Dads, if they already didn’t know, probably took some time after the family was sufficiently stuffed with turkey yesterday to find out what their little ones hopped to get for Christmas. Many also probably did so in a typical, time-honored fashion—they asked their precious children for their Christmas Wish List.

Kids are not the only ones that like to make up a Christmas Wish List. This time of year makes many people sit back and contemplate on what we would like. Of course as we get older we often desire more abstract things—peace on earth, good will towards all men. After all, it is a “wish” list; we can ask for anything.

In honor of the traditional Christmas Wish List, the following is a Wish List for the self storage industry (if it were to make one):

1. Continued Prosperity: In 2010 the industry boasted revenue in the range of $20 billion.

2. Health: Not just the health of the industry, but the health of anything and everyone around it—our environment. More and more companies in the past year have stepped up their “green” initiatives, and are trying hard to reduce the carbon footprint that their facility leaves behind.

3. World Peace: The self storage industry has been primarily in the United States since it began in the 1960s, but it has steadily been extending its reach around the world with new facilities opening up in the UK, South Africa, and more in recent months. If more people around the world had the space they needed to store their belongings maybe they wouldn’t be so angry…

4. Happiness: Rarely a day goes by when there isn’t a story online about some company spending millions on self storage facilities. If someone is willing to spend over $350 million on a handful of units the industry must be doing pretty good. If that doesn’t make you happy…

5. Toys: It’s Christmas! Who doesn’t want toys! The difference in this case is that the self storage industry wants them so that they can give them to kids in need. Every year many self storage facilities get involved with Toys for Tots as well as with local charities doing toy drives.

Anyone have Santa’s address?

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