9 Reasons to Join the Chamber of Commerce

Posted on Nov 29 2012 - 6:00pm by Winnie Hsiu

Sometimes, when a person becomes the new owner or manager of a self storage facility, he may think about joining the local Chamber of Commerce. Many times, it’s just a fleeting thought and he never takes action to join. How unfortunate.

There are many advantages to joining a Chamber. Here are 9 reasons why it is beneficial.

Publicity. As a member of the Chamber, businesses are listed in the Chamber’s publications, directories, and websites. This is free exposure and publicity for your business without any effort on your part.

Networking.  When you are actively involved in a Chamber of Commerce, you meet other business owners and key people in the community. These people can then connect you with others who may not be in the Chamber. Your network of people is increased significantly.

New ideas. Chambers of Commerce hold seminars, luncheons, speakers, and other informative and educational activities. You will be exposed to new ideas of ways to grow your business and to handle some of the problems that you face.

Education and training. Along with the new ideas that come from associating with other business owners, Chambers of Commerce also bring in experts on different topics. Typical training topics include organizational leadership, accounting, and marketing.

Discounts. Many Chambers offer member-to-member discounts for things such as office supplies, phone service, and even health insurance. These savings quickly add up and within a short period of time recoup the amount paid in membership dues.

Open houses and networking mixers. Chambers organize open houses and networking mixer events at various business locations throughout the year. When you have one at your self storage facility, those in the Chamber can become very familiar with your place of business. Then, they will be able to better promote your self storage business when the opportunity arises for them.

Credibility. Consumers believe that Chamber membership is a sign of a reputable business. They know that you are a trustworthy and reliable business. That gives them peace of mind and they are willing to patronize your self storage business.

Friendship. Joining the Chamber gives you an instant group of friends with similar concerns and goals. If you are a new business owner, these new friends can support you and help you as you learn and grow as a business person.

Community information. Active participation in Chamber meetings gives you an understanding and knowledge of what is happening in your community – politically, socially, and with other businesses and charitable organization. You understand issues that face the community and will have a voice in what can be done to address those issues.

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