8 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for the Coming New Year

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 6:34pm by Kim Kilpatrick

A new year is just around the corner. This is the time of year when many people set New Year’s Resolutions to improve their lives and make changes for the better. For owners and managers of self storage businesses, this is also a great time to rethink and make improvements of your marketing activities – and a time to commit to trying new and inexpensive market tactics.

Here are 8 low cost ideas that you could try during 2013.

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing methods you can have. So the easiest thing is to simply ask customers if they will mention your facility to people they know. Ask your customers when they sign up for a unit if they will recommend your business to others. Ask customers when they are closing out their account to give referrals. If you don’t ask, your customers probably won’t do it.

Another simple thing to do is to create a “pass along” referral card that is the size of a business card. Have your company’s contact information printed on the card along with a special discount such as getting the first month’s rent free of charge. Ask your customers to take a card or two and pass them along to their friends, family members, and acquaintances.

Create a “welcome back” card. This card has information similar to the pass along cards. However, at the top it says ‘welcome back.’ This is so that customers who have previously rented from you can get a discount when they return and rent again from you.

Sponsor a local sports team. Offer a free unit where they can store their equipment. In return, ask for a free ad in their team’s roster. Also, ask to hang a sign about your business on the fence around their field of play.

Offer your business as a place where high school cheerleaders or the football team or basketball team can hold a car wash. Give information about the car wash to the local newspaper to be printed in the community event section of the paper.

Contact your police department. Offer your facility as a training center for their K9 dogs that sniff out drugs. A side benefit is that customers who see the dogs being trained at your self storage facility will not want to use your facility for illegal activities. Ask a newspaper reporter to write about the training event.

Become a sponsor for a city event such as an Easter egg hunt or an auction to raise funds for the city library. You could even start your own special event. Hold a Christmas lighting contest where you give out awards to the home with the best Christmas light decorations and have the winners announced in the newspaper. Or, have a contest where various businesses create special Halloween ‘figures’ (such as scarecrows, Frankenstein, witches, goblins, etc.) and then give prizes to the winners. Again, make sure the newspaper writes about the contest and the winners.

If there is an antique car club in your area, ask them if they would hold a car show at your facility. Give the information to the newspaper to put in their community event section.

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