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Brent Hardy See All of Brent Hardy's Posts.

VP Facilities Management
Extra Space Storage

Brent Hardy has been with Extra Space Storage since 2001. He currently oversees all corporate construction & facilities management activities for Extra Space Storage. ...Read More.

David Decker See All of David Decker's Posts.

Director of Operations Communication
Extra Space Storage

David joined Extra Space Storage after a graduating with a degree in finance and returning for an MBA from the University of Utah. Starting in 2004, he...Read More.

Dayna Hathaway See All of Dayna Hathaway's Posts.

Dayna Hathaway has been with Extra Space Storage for over 10 years, contributing to our success as we’ve grown to become the 2nd largest self storage company in the country. When she started there were under 20 facilities and now there...Read More.

Emily Emmer See All of Emily Emmer's Posts.

Emily likes to tell people she’s the “ultimate marketer” because in her role directing website optimization she is constantly working to find out what works for our customers. With experience in web marketing, social media, and market...Read More.

Garret Stembridge See All of Garret Stembridge's Posts.

Social Media and Content Marketing Manager
Extra Space Storage

With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Utah, Garret came into the self storage business after hearing of an open position at Extra...Read More.

Guest Contributor See All of Guest Contributor's Posts.

If you’d like to be a guest contributor on the Space Wise blog, please email social@extraspace.com with the title and concept of the article you’d like to write. Read More.

James Overturf See All of James Overturf's Posts.

SVP Marketing and Investor Relations
Extra Space Storage

James Overturf oversees all marketing and corporate communication activities for Extra Space Storage. James had ambitions on being an architect but was quickly...Read More.

Joe Cortina See All of Joe Cortina's Posts.

National Account Manager
Budget Truck

In truck rental for over 10 years, Joe has seen both sides of the business: renting trucks and selling truck rental services. Joe rented trucks to consumers and commercial...Read More.

Michael James See All of Michael James's Posts.

Division Vice President
Extra Space Storage

While getting his degree from Ramapo College in New Jersey, Mike began his journey in the self storage business working as a Store Manager. After graduating with a degree...Read More.