Best Practices for Storing Power Tools: A Cautionary Tale

The cardboard box in which I kept a finishing sander buckled from basement moisture. The sandpaper stored with it became useless.

I used to be a cabinetmaker and general contractor, and I’m an avid home-improver, so I’m the type of handyman who is loathe to part with anything that might someday be useful. Even when living in New York City, I had my own trove of tools and building supplies in storage.   When I moved to the Washington, D.C. area 12 years ago, an occasion arose to use my amassed tools. I got married and bought a nice 100-year-old farmhouse to work on.   Once we got settled, I announced to my wife that I was going to spend weekends building steel-reinforced block retaining walls around the basement … [More]

Taking Your Car or Boat Out of Storage

Taking Your Boat Out of Storage

If you live in a cold climate, putting your car or boat into storage makes good sense. Hopefully you performed careful maintenance before storing your vehicle so as to ensure that it remained in good condition.   Even if you did take steps to store your vehicle properly, it’s important to perform a few inspections when the time comes to take your car or boat out of the storage unit. Following these simple tips can help prevent damage caused by trying to drive (or transport) a damaged vehicle:   Taking Your Car Out of Storage Your car may have a musty smell after a long storage, open all … [More]

What to Know When Storing Your Classic Car

Classic Car Storage

Classic cars don’t always do well in harsh weather, making seasonal car storage a must in many areas. But but storing a vintage automobile is different from other types of storage. Below are some things that you need to know and do when looking for and storing your vehicle:   Winter Maintenance You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your classic car, so it’s important that you make sure it’s in good running order before storing it. You, or your mechanic, should give it a full inspection and address any issues before locking it up for the season. It’s also wise to take the car in … [More]

Tips to Follow when Storing Your Car

Putting a car into storage

When storing your car for a period of time, there are a lot of things you need to do to make sure its components last during its period of non-use. To help you out, we interviewed automotive expert Tom Mollo of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and asked him to share his most recommended car storage tips.     We’ve also summarized Tom’s car storage tips below for your convenience. Be sure to follow these guidelines and recommendations when storing your vehicle to ensure its it top condition when you go to drive it again.   Top off the fuel tank Add a fuel stabalizer Change the oil and … [More]

Questions To Ask When Looking at Storage Facilities


You’re hot on the trail of a quality storage space for your stuff. You’ve narrowed down the size and type of unit you’ll need and the general location you’ll be targeting.   Now the question is which of the facilities in the area to sign on with. What are helpful questions to ask when you visit? Take this list with you and you’ll be on your way.   How will your stuff be treated? Does the facility have units of the size and type you’ll need? Can you get a sufficiently convenient unit, with drive-up access or proximity to a door? Does the facility have climate-controlled units, if … [More]

Storing Your Vehicle During the Home Selling Process


In a competitive sellers’ market, excellent home “staging” (arranging and prepping your home so that it appeals to buyers) is crucial. While it’s true that a lived-in look enhances your chance of a sale, having too much stuff, or the wrong stuff, can work against home sellers. While many sellers rent storage space to reduce clutter in their home while it’s for sale, many don’t think to store their vehicles. This is unfortunate, because storing unneeded vehicles, including boats, second cars, RVs and snowmobiles, may be a good strategy for getting your home sold. Here’s why: Vehicles take up a lot of space. This can make your garage … [More]

Extra Space Named a Top Investment Pick for 2014

Barron's Roundtable

Self-storage companies are known for making headlines about strange things people find in abandoned units, like NASA rockets and human organs. But at Extra Space Storage, we like to break out of the ordinary, so this month we’ve gotten a little airtime in Barron’s regarding why we are a good investment for 2014. Abby Joseph Cohen, a venerable member of the Barron’s Roundtable and a senior investment strategist at Goldman Sachs, has named Extra Space [EXR] as one of her top investment picks for the coming year. Why EXR? Goldman’s research department has been looking at what businesses will likely perform well as the U.S. economy shows stronger … [More]

New Spot for your Stuff in Downtown Chicago

Photo: akasped via Flickr

  Self-storage isn’t just for suburbanites with minivans. There are plenty of facilities in urban areas, perfect for city-dwellers to supplement the limited space in their apartments.   Chicago has just gained one more storage option in its urban core. The newest Extra Space facility joins the other three near the central business district in offering secure, quality storage to the city’s residents.   The new building, at 1242 W Washington Blvd, has a lot to recommend it to those tightly packed urbanites. Located in the center of the Near West Side neighborhood, right next door to the Loop, the facility is near major universities, hospitals, and cultural … [More]

Storage and Organizing Product Best Finds

Photo via Ikea

  The universe of storage and organization products is enormous. From sideboards to shower racks, you can easily find solutions to every storage problem. But which boxes, bins, barrels, and baskets are right for you? I’ve searched out a few winning products, one for each room of the house. Entryway: Corral all that footwear with a hide-away shoe rack, like the Organize It Deluxe Single Shoe Cabinet. Living room: IKEA’s Expedit bookshelf is excellently multi-purpose. Stick some of these Knipsa baskets in to hold smaller items. Dining room: The Home Styles Medium Cherry Server has multiple cabinets and drawers as well as space for wine bottles. Also, it … [More]

Westminster, Colorado, Gets the Storage It Deserves


The city of Westminster, Colorado, a northwest suburb of Denver, is an urban zone in its own right. With more than 4,000 people per square mile, it beats out Denver in population density, ranking as the second most densely populated city in Colorado after Dupont. That’s a lot of people without much elbow room, which makes Westminster a perfect place for one of Extra Space’s new Colorado locations. Our new facility, located at 5100 W 81st Place, is centrally located and well appointed with convenient features. Lying just off Sheridan Blvd (Route 95), a thoroughfare running south into Denver, and adjacent to Route 36 (the Denver Boulder Turnpike, … [More]