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The History of Self Storage Has Many Twists and Turns

When is the last time you heard a good story? As storage facility operators, we hear good stories all the time. In fact, we’re often in the middle of some really interesting stories that we like to retell ourselves.

If you’ve ever wondered about what really goes on behind some of those storage unit doors, you’re in the right place. Of course, we respect the privacy of all of our customers, but sometimes stories come spilling out and there’s no holding them in.

In this Tales from the Vault category, we share exciting and true-life stories from our lives in the storage industry. Need an example? How about the time we opened a large abandoned storage unit to find it contained only one refrigerator that housed a single pickle? We also share stories about strange things other companies discover in their storage units. Or maybe we just chill with some talk about how some customers use their storage units as gyms.

The storage industry is brimming with wonderful, and sometimes delightfully odd stories. We’re glad we can share some of them with you!

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You’ve heard it before: Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. But with all that’s going on during your big day, how do you ensure you’ll be able to keep all of your memories for the future? Here are a few ideas to help you carry your memories and mementos with you for years to come. Freeze your wedding cake.   (Via Wedding Sparrow) A good...

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Congratulations, you’re expanding the family! Whether you’re a first-time parent, or one with experience, finding the perfect amount of storage for your child’s nursery is important (and can be very helpful down the line).  Here are some smart storage solutions to take any nursery to the next level. Under the Bed Storage (Via Save space by...

Posted on Dec 30 2015 - 7:18am by Dayna Hathaway
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2015 is coming to a close, and 2016 is waiting! In order to make it your best year yet, you have to pick a great New Year’s resolution that will not only make a big change in your life, but is also something that you’ll stick to and follow for the next 12 months (and hopefully more). If you’re unsure what to pick to make the most out of 2016, here are a few...

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 6:01am by Garret Stembridge
Comments Off on Remodeling the American Landscape: Changing Buildings into Self Storage

‘Conversion’ generally is a big deal. It’s a big deal in sports. It’s a big deal in religion. And it’s a big deal in self storage. Like religion and sports, self storage conversions take guts and creativity. Unlike sports and religion, it’s not about physical prowess and bringing people into the fold. In short, self storage conversion takes an existing...

Posted on Jul 9 2015 - 9:58am by Garret Stembridge
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So-called ‘good’ reality television has to be born of something. Typically topics prey on human behavior—a flare for the dramatic, humans versus the wild, an urge to collect more than we need. The final example may be more common, although not as dramatic, as depicted in Hoarders. Most of us tend to collect more than we need. Who can pass up the dollar aisle...

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 5:50am by Garret Stembridge
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We Americans know what we like. As one bright-eyed young Texan said, “What mama wants, mama gets.” And as it turns out, there are lots of “mamas” getting what they want in America. If you don’t agree, let’s take a look at one of the nation’s favorite holidays, Christmas. The Gallup Poll found Americans estimated spending on Christmas alone to be $786...

Posted on May 20 2015 - 6:02am by Garret Stembridge
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                    If you’ve ever found yourself in Southern Florida, you’re well aware that there truly is a place for everything. And by everything, we mean every-little-thing. Despite one of the arguably most beautiful natural landscapes, dotted with swaying palms and crystal beaches, some of the local population...

Posted on Apr 16 2015 - 6:04am by Garret Stembridge
Comments Off on Bigger IS Better, Right?

In 2004, Morgan Spurlock, an independent filmmaker, directed the somewhat “shocking” documentary, Supersize Me. The film was a virtual expose on an American ideology that is so set in our veins (literally and figuratively), that it’s become synonymous with America. That idea: bigger is better. Supersize Me called Americans, and American food corporations, to...

Posted on Mar 12 2015 - 9:05am by David Decker
Comments Off on Hollywood versus Self Storage

                    If you’re gifted to live in this great country, America, there are two or three things you know for sure. The “golden arches” are more than just the entrance to heaven. “Football” has a lot more to do with helmets and pads, than feet. And, the coup-de-grace of knowledge: Hollywood is...

Posted on Feb 12 2015 - 8:14am by Garret Stembridge
Comments Off on There’s No Overpopulation Here

                    There is a lot of talk about overpopulation. So much so, that the most populous country on earth has actually limited reproduction for more than three decades. Well, in America, where capitalism reigns free, there’s one kind of reproduction (or construction) that seems to have no limit. Take...