Spend Less Heating Your Swimming Pool with Solar

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I believe it’s comforting to know that no matter where you live on Earth, you get sunlight at least part of the year. And it’s nice that the sunlight can be helpful to the old wallet. Right now, I have spring fever and want to jump into a sparkling swimming pool that’s just the perfect temperature. Heating a swimming pool to that great temp is expensive, but going solar saves money and is more sustainable than other heating methods. When I started researching solar pool heaters I had many questions, so I decided that the best way to write this post would be to ask questions and then … [More]

How to Turn a Desk Drawer into a Keyboard Tray

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I think a good vintage desk from the “Mad Men” era (that’s 1960s for nonfans) is far out. And yes, I’m using some 60s slang here! I also believe everything old can be made better than groovy again. So, I say to you, go ahead and dust off that lonely desk sitting in your storage unit, or start a search for an outta sight vintage desk at a thrift shop. The biggest hurdle to overcome when trying to make an older desk more ergonomic is the lack of a keyboard tray. It’s no biggie though. Vintage desks come with a middle drawer, often complete with a pencil tray … [More]

Decoding Plastic Recycling: Helpful LDPE and PS

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Plastic shopping bags and those little packing peanuts, aw, things I love and hate, or is it love to hate? Annoying or not, these items (sometimes) have a place in my world, and they just might have more life to give after I’m done with them. By the way, are you surprised that packing peanuts are considered a plastic? As all delightsome things must come to an end, I remind you that this post marks the close of our series on plastic recycling. Previously, we discussed plastics PETE and HDPE, plus a more difficult trio to recycle: PVC, PP and Other. These last two plastics can’t always be … [More]

Decoding Plastic Recycling: Difficult PVC, PP and Mystery Other

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My household, like many others, has its share of yogurt and other dairy containers relaxing in the refrigerator. Yet, my wife’s yogurt habit doesn’t mean the nearby landfill will be swamped with plastic containers of yesteryear. Yogurt containers can be more difficult to recycle than the easygoing plastics PETE and HDPE, which we discussed recently in this series on plastic recycling. Yet, just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, right? While plastics identified with the numbers one (PETE) and two (HDPE) are commonly recycled, a few of the higher numbers in the plastic gang are a bit more difficult, or moody. Temperamental or not, … [More]

It’s Easy Traveling Green


It is “easy to be green” now more than ever, especially when planning holidays and vacations. With Spring Break and summer right around the corner, I have been thinking about preparing for greener, eco-friendly vacations. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some serious sunshine. The greenest type of vacation is always the staycation—your carbon footprint is minimized when there is no travel or hotel needed. Make it fun: think of the things you would do if you were visiting a new city (art and science museums, zoos, theater, parks, libraries, festivals, new restaurants, city centers). Chances are, you probably don’t visit those places in … [More]

California: Give Us Your E-waste

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Electronic waste, or e-waste as most of us call it, is a threat to human and environmental health when not disposed of properly, but I’m happy to announce that Extra Space Storage is helping residents of California do the right thing by providing a free and convenient way to recycle their unwanted electronic items. Starting on March 9, residents of California can leave their e-waste at any of 48 participating Extra Space locations! Once you leave your e-waste at a participating Extra Space location, GREENspot DROPoff, the largest e-waste collector in the state, will handle the important work of making sure the waste is recycled properly. Plus, if … [More]

Decoding Plastic Recycling: Charming PETE and Sturdy HDPE

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Plastics may seem like a dull topic at first, but I found that when I started paying a little attention to those translucent nobodies, they were lifted out of the trash and back into the world as useful items, keeping people warm or providing a seat for the game. You may be familiar with the triangular recycling symbol composed of arrows on soda cans and other containers, but plastic items may also contain a number from one through seven inside that triangular recycling symbol. In 1988, the SPI, the plastics industry trade association, developed the system of numbering plastics to help everyone with sorting and recycling, but the … [More]

Pack a Suitcase to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

If you exceed an airline’s limits for weight, size or quantity of bags, you could end up paying sky-high fees. Skip the fees by planning ahead, allowing you to fly the friendly skies and still have funds to spend on fun stuff, like riding a bike down a volcano in Maui. Yes, you can do that. Baggage weight and size limits vary among airlines, and may differ depending on whether you’re flying first class, business class or economy. Policies may also differ between domestic and international flights. Check the luggage policies of your airline before packing. Obtain the information directly from the airline, not other sources. It’s possible … [More]

Winterizing Your House

Although winter is a season I enjoy very much, each year I am overwhelmed by the thought of “winterizing” my home.  I love curling up by the artificial fireplace as much as the next person, but there’s no doubt that the season change brings along extra work.  However, the sooner I get my house winter ready, the sooner I can start enjoying cold weather walks, hot baths, and testing out new flavors of coffee. Winter has already struck in the Northeast and for the rest of the nation its hard-hitting winds aren’t far away.  And while some may have missed the winter-prep before snow hit the ground, it’s … [More]

How You Can Go Green with Cleaning Supplies

The term “going green” is no longer just a few trying to promote planet health but everyone.  People are doing more and more to help save the environment, companies have begun advertising toward keeping a greener earth, and recycling is hitting an all-time high.  For example, in Connecticut, 64 towns recycled more than 92 tons of “waste” in the 2010/2011 year.  But what if going green wasn’t just about the good of the environment?  As important as that is, sometimes going green is also about saving money.  And who doesn’t want to save a few dollars? Rather than spending a lot on cleaning supplies (some of which can … [More]