An Eventful Earth Day 2012

Earth Day 2012

While I love the idea of Earth Day I sometimes forget it in the midst of other cares. This year it was on a Saturday and I somehow felt like I’d missed it… did it really happen and how was it celebrated?   So I looked into it and was impressed! The 42nd annual Earth Day on April 22 wasn’t just celebrated in America. Around the world, earth lovers marked the day with loving-kindness. In all, more than one billion people celebrated Earth Day in 192 countries! It’s very difficult for me to even name 192 countries, much less imagine all the Earth Day events. Here are a few … [More]

Everyday Ways to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

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You probably already know about replacing frequently used light bulbs with CFLs, so I won’t hit you over the head with that one. And I’m guessing you’ve heard that upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances also makes a big dent in your carbon footprint, so I won’t go there. Yet, I’m guessing you may not know how many pounds of carbon dioxide you can shave off your carbon footprint by making a few other slight adjustments, such as only running full loads in your dishwasher or changing your air filter regularly. But first, what is a “carbon footprint” anyway? We all have one, even if we can’t see it! … [More]

Know When to Shut Down Your Computer

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I’m guilty of wasting energy at home by not turning off my computer when I’m not using it for long stretches. I may go online to look up how long eggs keep after the sell-by date. Or perhaps I’m doing some online banking, shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, or watching funny videos of a dog using the Internet. Whatever the reason I’m at my computer, I sometimes walk away like it’s a refrigerator that needs to run all the time. And that’s a wasteful habit. So, I’m trying to change! Guidance on Shutting Down You may be wondering if it’s not better to leave the computer running … [More]

Secrets to Spending Less on Gas

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So, maybe these gas-saving tips aren’t “secrets,” but they may have been placed on a dusty shelf inside your long-term memory. Everyone, especially me, needs reminding at times. As you know, gas is getting more expensive, making commutes to work more unpleasant and vacations harder to budget. However, there are some simple ways to use less gas, and they’re free if you remember them! I’ve gathered some key fuel economy tips for you, plus information to consider when buying a new car. Just so you know, the gas-savings figures cited below are from the U.S. Department of Energy. Easy Ways to Use Less Fuel Tame the road rage. … [More]

Less Energy Destroyed – LED Lighting

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Last month I talked about the different things Extra Space Storage is doing to reduce its consumption of electricity. This week I want to highlight a kind of lighting that we use at our facilities to reduce energy consumption – LED lighting. Even though LED doesn’t stand for Less Energy Destroyed, it might as well. LED lighting is at the cutting edge of lighting technology. Only until recently has this type of lighting become more widely used and recognized. LED lights outperform incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescents (CFLs) in the following areas: Life Span Environmental Impact Light Output And when I say outperform, I mean SIGNIFICANTLY outperform the … [More]

How to Lower Utility Bills in Apartments

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Yes, home is where the heart is, and where the bills are made! I was once an apartment dweller, and I remember being frustrated by the lack of control I felt. I had to wait for the operatic dishwasher to break before I could get a quieter, more efficient model. With the refrigerator, I was lucky if I got ice, much less an Energy Star darling. But enough with the appliance lament! We’ve discussed eco-friendly homes that use less energy, but I’m happy to say that apartment dwellers can also green up their lives – and get lower utility bills. Yes, even if you don’t have the best … [More]

How You’ll Benefit from a Home Energy Audit

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Most of us just grin and bear it when it comes to various checkups – dental exams, cholesterol screenings, even car tune-ups. But when do we take time out to check up on what could be our biggest material investment? Yes, I’m speaking of home sweet home. I’m just as much of a procrastinator as the next person. My wife can tell you that she has to remind me to straighten up leftover messes from garage projects, or to hose the birdie mess off our mailbox! However, when it comes to getting a home energy audit, none of us should be procrastinating. By the way, some people refer … [More]

Buy an Eco-friendly Home

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I’m sometimes weary of “green”  or “eco-friendly” claims. After all, anyone can say a home (or just about anything) is green. So, it’s good to look out for greenwashing, which occurs when a person or company tries to sell you something that’s promoted as green, but is really just regular brown in a green package. It’s one thing if you buy a laundry detergent that you later discover isn’t really so eco-friendly, but I think houses are a bit too heavy to return! When you’re ready for a green home, you can cover yourself by building a certified green home or purchasing an existing home that’s been certified … [More]

Saving Energy One Retrofit at a Time

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Did you know in December of 2011, our country used over 54 million tons of coal to generate electricity? That’s more than 108 BILLION pounds of coal. That’s right, I said BILLION!!!! That’s insane!!!!! And this is only one source of many that generates electricity for our country. At Extra Space Storage we understand the importance of energy conservation. This is why we take a focused approach to decrease our energy consumption and to shrink the size of our carbon footprint. One of the many ways we try to reduce our energy consumption is through lighting retrofits at our properties. T8 Light BulbsOur first area of focus with … [More]

Landscaping for Energy Savings


I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand to be hot! I’d much rather be chilly and throw a jacket on. However, it’s easy to pay a hefty price for staying cool when the summer heat arrives. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s the perfect time to think about how to reduce your home cooling costs. Landscaping may be the answer you haven’t considered. If you use plants and trees to keep your home cooler, you may not consume as much energy. So, now is the time to be a tree hugger for real. Plus, trees give birds a nice place to kick back! … [More]