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Moving and Storage Don't Have to be Stressful

Moving is one of life’s biggest events. It also happens to be the very point when we meet many of our customers for the first time. During this time of life transition, you likely have many questions. Moving is complicated, but it’s also completely doable.

When you carefully plan your move, you can expect minimal stress. Researching the right packing, moving and storage options for you will help ensure success. Unfortunately, research takes a lot of time. When you need to make decisions, it’s helpful to have several resources together in one place. That’s what you can expect here.

Inside our Moving category, you’ll discover much helpful advice, such as how to choose the right moving company, how to calculate the number of moving boxes you’ll need, how to ask someone to help you move and how to coordinate storage during your move. We even cover tips for moving back in with mom and dad, or moving with an elderly parent.

Movers are special to us, so we always enjoy the opportunity to help!

Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 8:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on Find The Best Borough in New York City For You

What’s the best borough in New York City? Each of New York’s five boroughs has something different to offer. That’s why we teamed up with Matt Coneybeare, founder, publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of Viewing NYC—a site that features videos and photos of the art, comedy, culture, food, history, and events of New York City—to rank the boroughs in...

Posted on Nov 20 2016 - 10:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 25 Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in New York City

There’s a reason people move to New York City. It’s a city of big dreams and even bigger skyscrapers. It’s home to some of the most famous businesses, entrepreneurs, moguls, fashionistas, athletes, artists, and entertainers. It’s the Big Apple, the City That Never Sleeps, the Capital of the World! But for people who’ve never lived in NYC before, it can be...

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 7:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 7 Tips for Moving in the Cold Weather

Most people dread moving during the winter. The ice, snow, or freezing rain are daunting enough to make many homeowners hide inside until spring arrives. If you are, however, planning a winter move, don’t stress. It’s possible to manage the harsh weather and master winter moving like a pro. November through February is the off-season for moving companies, so...

Posted on Oct 25 2016 - 6:55pm by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on NYC Downsize: What to Know About Making a Home in a Small Apartment

Sometimes, life has a funny way of making us learn to travel a little lighter. There are plenty of reasons throughout our lives we might choose to downsize into a smaller home — maybe it’s the result of a relationship ending, or maybe it’s a move to simplify your world — but none is as romantic as the move to New York. That’s why The New York...

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 6:00pm by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on Should You Rent or Buy in Chicago in 2017?

Rent or buy in Chicago? That’s a question residents and soon-to-be residents ask themselves all the time. And the answer changes depending on your financial situation and lifestyle preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the important factors when deciding whether you should rent or buy in Chicago — with insights from a couple of local real estate...

Posted on Oct 18 2016 - 6:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on New Home? 23 Great New York Moving Companies That Will Safely Move Your Things

Almost anyone can buy a truck and call themselves a moving company, but few can provide the quality care and customer service required to make sure all of your belongings make the trip from one apartment to the next safely. These 23 companies have what it takes to ensure a safe and stress-free move, from the first box to the last. Veteran Movers Founded in 2011 by...

Posted on Oct 13 2016 - 3:04pm by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 40 Awesome Chicago Hidden Gems & Hot Spots

Chicago is a dream come true for anyone who loves high-end shopping, five-star celebrity chef restaurants, and music venues that pull in big names like Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Blake Shelton, and Coldplay. But what if you’re looking for a unique Chicago experience—one that’s off the beaten path, introduces you to different communities, and provides a hideout...

Posted on Oct 11 2016 - 9:52pm by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on Moving to New York? These 23 Professional Organizers Can Help You Declutter

Space is a precious thing to New Yorkers. It’s incredibly expensive to acquire more, so learning how to be efficient with the space you have is key to maintaining peace of mind in the city. Perhaps more so than in any other American city, professional organizers in New York declutter minds as much as they do homes and offices. If you are making a move into...

Posted on Sep 27 2016 - 6:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on A third of Americans move back in with their parents in their 20s. Here’s why that is great news.

If you have a 20-something son or daughter, there is a very good chance you have already experienced the difficulties that arise when parents and kids move back in together. You’re not alone. Even with the recession a good half decade behind us, our country’s young adults are still struggling to find a solid footing after high school or college. As such,...

Posted on Sep 19 2016 - 3:02pm by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 35 Awesome New York Independent Businesses You Have to Check Out

New York City was built on small, independent businesses. From the restaurants and the delis immigrants brought over from Europe a century ago to the modern businesses that draw America’s brightest to the city, local merchants have always been the backbone of the Big Apple. And the creativity here has allowed some great ideas to flourish. With nearly two dozen...