How To Hold All That Love? DIY Valentine’s Boxes for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you have kids, get ready for flurries of sparkles and pink-and-red construction paper. Chances are your little whipper-snappers will need card boxes to take to school or parties. Why not have them make their own? Here are some imaginative DIY Valentine’s box ideas to get the creative juices flowing. “You’ve got mail” box. It’s like a real mailbox, only small and made of cardboard. Paper-plate heart pocket. An easy little cardholder made of the simplest materials. Monster Valentine’s box. A lot of personality and a big mouth ready to gobble cards. Cereal box cardholder. Neat, pretty, and easy to make. Cardboard … [More]

6 Simple Ways to Stay Organized for the Holidays


Does your holiday season feel more stressful than merry? Between holiday shopping, decorating and celebrating, the holidays can become hectic fast! Here are a few simple tips to help you stay organized – and sane – throughout the holidays: 1. Make a List (And Check It Twice)  Yes, just like Santa, you need to make a list to help you through the holidays. First, write down all of your holiday tasks – including everything from mailing cards to baking a cake for the annual family potluck. Getting everything on paper will help make you feel more in-control instantly.   2. Give Yourself Deadlines   Next, break the list … [More]

Don’t Let Winter Decorating Eat Up Your Savings: 3 Tips to Lower Costs


For many parts of the country, winter means more than just ski season is back, it means the holiday season is fast approaching! And while it’s great to experience a change of seasons, it can be a struggle in already tough economic times to try to scrape together those extra dollars to make sure you can still enjoy winter decorating. This is especially true if you are planning a bit show for winter lights around your house But, you do have some options. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get your home and family prepared for winter in a way that will help both cut your costs … [More]

Halloween Storage That Isn’t Scary

Plastic Storage Container Bin

  I don’t like scary movies, but I absolutely adore Halloween! What’s not to love? It’s filled with pumpkins, autumn wreaths, spooky decorations, black cat potholders (guilty), creative costumes, a lovely parade of trick-or-treaters plus candy – all with the crunch of leaves underfoot. And, of course, my yearly viewing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” because who can skip that?   The only downside to all this Halloween love is that I can’t enjoy it year-round. But I’ve learned a thing or two about Halloween storage, and I’m sharing my strategies with you!   Easy Steps to Store Your Halloween Decorations   Whether you’re storing autumn … [More]

Three Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall


Autumn is here, which means fallen leaves, pumpkins, spiced cider and beautiful rich fall colors. All of these are perfect for decorating your home for the next few months. Many people love to switch up the look of their home every couple of months as the seasons change. It makes for a welcoming looking and not to mention it’s fun to have a few craft projects going to celebrate a new season. Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons to decorate for. I love the colors, the rich oranges and deep reds, which can make the perfect base for a number of different projects. Fall Terrarium Terrariums … [More]

7 Independence Day Celebrations You Won’t Want to Miss

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  Looking for fun Independence Day activities and events for the whole family this year? Chances are, a city or community near you will be celebrating this Fourth of July with not-to-be-missed events, such as parades, good food, music, and a if you’re lucky, an eye-popping display of fireworks. But if staying home feels like a drag, it’s not too late to go some place where they really know how to throw a party. Maybe one of our nation’s best celebrations will be just the one for you! #1. Bristol 4th of July, Bristol, RI Hats off to the amazing folks in Bristol, Rhode Island, and their Annual … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Celebrate St. Patrick’s


St. Patrick’s Day isn’t one of those holidays people usually pull out all the stops for. But its under-the-radar nature is part of what makes it fun to celebrate. Unlike well trodden Valentine’s or Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day is the Wild West of decorating and baking. You can beat your own green creative path. The holiday’s inventive spirit is on display on Pinterest. Here are some fun St. Patty’s day pin boards. Decorations Check out these fun decorating ideas, featuring green wreaths and shamrock banners. Rainbow-themed decorations are a win: turn a Halloween cauldron into a pot of gold under a rainbow or make a healthy snack using … [More]

Pinterest Favorites: Valentine’s


  Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is one of the year’s more festive and tasty holidays. So many bright, warm colors! So many tasty treats! Pinterest is the perfect place to find heart-studded inspiration, whether you’re looking for crafting ideas or just want to drool over red and pink cupcakes. Check out these fun pages for Valentine’s ideas. Will You Be My Valentine? Cards, cards, cards.  Cut-paper collage is the most charming way to make a Valentine. The wonderful, intricate cards on this page range from Angry Birds-themed to hearts sporting handmade paper roses. A range of materials can be applied to Valentine’s cards, including scrap … [More]

Do New Years in Style: Party Ideas from Around the Web

  Is this finally the year you throw a really great New Year’s party? You’ll need to be organized, but more importantly, you’ll need eye-catching ideas. The Web is swimming with creative inspiration about how to ring in 2013 in style. Here’s a brief tour of some highlights. Brainstorm Start by browsing fun party ideas. There’s no place better for this task than Pinterest. Check out these pages all about planning New Year’s festivities by Lindsay Evans, Courtney Whitmore, and Kathy Sheffer. Invite Get your guest list together and find some neat invitations to send. Here’s a cute one featuring a pyramid of champagne flutes, and here’s one … [More]

Gift Wrapping Tips from the Experts

If you’re doing it right, gift wrapping is so much more than slapping some paper and tape on a box and calling it a day. I find there’s nothing so satisfyingly thoughtful as a well-wrapped gift Not sure where to start? I’ve collected some tips from wrapping experts to help you up your game. Supplies Of course the basic things you need are a sharp pair of scissors, a roll of tape, and some wrapping paper. But a few other items can really help you make the job easier and better. Martha Stewart’s gift wrapping supplies  include using a T-square, a rotary cutter with straight and decorative attachments, … [More]