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Reducing clutter usually involves throwing away all the stuff you don’t need—but it’s easy to feel like you need everything. Finally decide which items you should keep and which items you can live without. Tip 1 It’s all too easy to let photos accumulate on your phone, including 133 photos of brunch, 17 photos of that dog at the park, 34 screenshots of memes,...

Posted on Dec 31 2016 - 7:01am by Jennifer Stamper
Comments Off on 5 Ways Storage Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year’s ball comes down, the champagne-filled glasses are raised. But along with the celebration of new beginnings that comes with the start of another year, we all know how the story will really go. We’ve made our resolutions, and this year we’re going to see them through—until February rolls around, that is. This year, let’s make a resolution...

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 7:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 7 Tips for Moving in the Cold Weather

Most people dread moving during the winter. The ice, snow, or freezing rain are daunting enough to make many homeowners hide inside until spring arrives. If you are, however, planning a winter move, don’t stress. It’s possible to manage the harsh weather and master winter moving like a pro. November through February is the off-season for moving companies, so...

Posted on Oct 7 2016 - 6:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Cold Weather

Winter sneaks up on us quickly. While your family may look forward to ice skating, snow days and the year’s first frost, your house dreads the change of season. For your home, winter means low temperatures and high energy bills. Here are some tips for preparing your home for the cold weather so you can save energy and possibly prevent damage to your property. Remove...

Posted on Oct 4 2016 - 6:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 7 Things Only Dads of Daughters Understand

There is something special about the distinct bond between a man and his daughter. If you’re a dad who’s raising a girl, you know the unique challenges of cleaning inordinate amounts of hair out of the shower drain. You understand the urge to carefully scrutinize every boy in your daughter’s social circle. Fathers of daughters also know that while raising a...

Posted on Sep 14 2016 - 7:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on Make Moving Easier for Your Kids

We all know that moving to a new home in a new neighborhood can be a stressful — albeit exciting — time. But as adults, the stresses that come to us are very different than those our children are facing. Change can be particularly scary for children; they not only have to leave the comfort of their childhood home, but they also have to face a new school and make...

Posted on Aug 22 2016 - 7:00am by Extra Space Storage
Comments Off on 5 Tips for Parents & Kids Moving Back In Together

If your son or daughter just graduated college, or is returning home after any time away, it is often caused because he or she has not been able to save up enough money for a place of their own. When grown children move back home, it’s important to consider these tips.   Set Boundaries Before They Move In When your child lives at home with the hope of soon...

Posted on Aug 11 2016 - 6:37am by David Decker
Comments Off on Evaluate Your Sports Equipment

Summer is the perfect time for pulling your old sports equipment out of storage for fun-filled days at the park, but it’s also the perfect time to decide whether or not you can still use the equipment you have. If your space has filled up with old sports equipment that no one in your family ever uses, it may be time to trash it. Here are some tips on how to evaluate...

Posted on Jul 21 2016 - 8:00am by Garret Stembridge
Comments Off on 19 Attentive, Empathic and Professional Senior Living Communities in Coastal Virginia

Coastal Virginia — from the Northern Neck down to Hampton Roads — is one of the most unique regions in America. Its shores attract millions of tourists each year, and the concentration of cities and military bases make it an active, busy place. This combination of relaxed oceanfront living and urban conveniences makes coastal Virginia an ideal place to retire....

Posted on Jul 20 2016 - 7:26am by Jennifer Stamper
Comments Off on Tips for Moving to a New Climate

Moving to a new climate is a big responsibility. You have to take more into account than just moving; now you have to think about things like keeping your family healthy and safe, preparing your home for unfamiliar weather, and protecting your belongings from heat, rain, sun or snow — things you probably didn’t think about before. Before you move across the country...