5 Ways to Show You’re Grateful This Thanksgiving

We wanted to find out what people were grateful for this Thanksgiving—so we hit the streets and asked.

Those we spoke with were especially grateful for family and friends, of course, but how do you show your gratitude this season? We have a few ideas…

  1. Perform a random act of kindness. Weather it’s buying a stranger in line a cup of coffee, helping rake your neighbor’s leaves, or doing minor home repairs for your grandparents—there are so many little ways to pass the good onto others. Choose one (or a few!) and invite your friends and family to join you to maximize your impact.
  2. Send a handwritten card. Missing anyone at your Thanksgiving table this year? Have a mentor or teacher who means the world to you? Tell them—but skip that email and make your note extra special by handwriting it, stamp and all. Or similarly, skip the “thank you” text and give someone a call to let them know what they really mean to you.
  3. Offer a personalized gift. And no, we don’t mean spending cash to monogram something for your bestie. How about loaning your work BFF one of your favorite books with a note inside telling them what you love most about the treasured read? Or what about gifting a loved one a painting or piece of pottery handmade by you with them in mind?
  4. Give your time. Why not volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless with a local community group or help an organization like Meals on Wheels bring turkey dinners to home-bound seniors?
  5. Create a gratitude jar. Have each person at your Thanksgiving table write down one thing they’re thankful for this year on a slip of paper, and then take turns sharing. Afterward, fill a decorated mason jar with everyone’s responses to see the wealth of thankfulness at your holiday table. Incorporate your family gratitude jar into your centerpiece—and as a bonus, consider saving the jar (and responses!) for the following year to see how your family’s gratitude grows and changes year-by-year.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you do so in an extra cozy space surrounded by loved ones.

What are you extra grateful for this Thanksgiving?