DIY Crate Shelves: Video and Instructions

Make Your Own Shelves from Wooden Crates

Keeping your home looking neat and organized is a constant struggle for most us.  One trick is to have a place for everything and have everything in its place.  Try this do-it-yourself crate shelving to create just the place for some of your things—and turn your entrance, hallway or bathroom into a place of organization. Plus, these crate shelves add a unique, rustic style to any room. A list of needed materials and step-by-step instructions are below!


  • 4 Wooden crates
  • Plywood (cut to size)
  • Stain & polyurethane in one
  • Paint brush
  • Power drill and driver bit
  • 34 Screws
  • Drop cloth
  • Tack cloths
  • Latex gloves
  • Sand paper (3 grades: #120, #150 & #180)
  • 4 Casters


Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Sand, wipe and stain crates


Before you begin, lay down a drop cloth or choose a work area you don’t mind getting a little dust or stain on. Then starting with the #120 grit sand paper, sand all four crates inside and out. Follow with another pass using the #150 grit and lastly the #180 grit. This process will help the stain seep into the wood and give it a professional finish. Next, use the tack cloths to wipe the dust off the crates and prepare them for the stain.

Using a paint brush and the two-in-one stain & polyurethane, coat each of the crates and the plywood base two times. Allow approximately six hours of drying time between the first and second coats, and another six hours before moving on to the next step after coat number two.

  1. Attach plywood and secure crates together

Take your power drill, bit and screws and use them to attach the plywood to the two crates you’d like to make the base of your shelves. You will need eight (8) screws; four screws for the four corners of each crate. Stack the other two crates on top of the newly created base and secure all of the crates together using an additional nine (10) screws as illustrated in the diagram below.

  1. Fasten casters to the base

Fasten the four casters to the bottom corners of the plywood base using the drill and the rest of the screws (16). This step is optional but highly recommended if you plan to place these shelves on wood floors or want the option to move the shelves around easily.

  1. Put it to use and enjoy!

Find a place in the house that needs the extra storage space and then start enjoying the good feeling that comes from a clean, organized and stylish home.