Smart Ways to Keep Up With Grandkids (and all their stuff)

Sure, you’ve raised kids before, but grandchildren are something else entirely! It’s been years since your own kids were living in your home.  And it might not have the infrastructure anymore to keep your grandkids’ belongings organized. But a few easy tips can help minimize clutter all over your home.


With a little effort, you can drive the tikes around town while keeping the backseat looking tidy. Use a car organizer to make sure everything has a place—and if it hangs from the back of your seat, it will feel like it doesn’t take up any space at all.

Even with an organizer, you still need to keep trash from accumulating in your car. Try keeping a small trash container handy and make a habit to empty it every time you stop for gas.


If your grandkids visit often, bowls, utensils, and sippy cups will start to multiply in your draws and cabinets. They won’t feel overwhelming if you keep them all in one place. This way you’ll always know where they are and you can easily pull them out whenever your grandkids come to visit. Choose a stylish container that you might already have around the house, like a basket or large ceramic bowl.

Dinnertime can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. If your grandkids have a hard time keeping their bowls on the table, look for options with suction cups on the bottom.


Because most kids aren’t known for their long reach, it’s a good idea to give them a toy storage area that’s low to the ground. You’ll love it even more if it can be easily tucked away. For maximum fun, find a storage bin that looks like a toy itself!

Another way to make cleanup a little easier is to turn it into a game. Play or sing a song your grandkid’s already know, and tell them that if they put all of their toys away by the time it’s over, they win!

Sometimes when the toy situation is out of control, it’s best to change your grandkid’s options. You’ve probably tried to put away a thousand teeny-tiny colorful plastic bricks before (or worse: stepped on one barefoot). Instead, try a toy that’s just as imaginative, but easier to pick up, such as Magna-Tiles. And if you just don’t want to keep a ton of toys around the house, try this list of DIY ideas to entertain your grandchildren.


Of course you want your kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth, but you may not have room to keep a stool in front of the sink all the time. Try a folding stool that can be tucked away until your grandkids need to use it.

It’s also important to make sure your bathroom is safe. You never know what kids will get into when you’re not around, and even cleaning supplies that are “all natural” can be dangerous for children. Keep them safe with magnetic cabinet locks. These locks are effective, easy to install, and they won’t even be noticeable when the cabinet doors are closed.


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