5 Ways Storage Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year’s ball comes down, the champagne-filled glasses are raised. But along with the celebration of new beginnings that comes with the start of another year, we all know how the story will really go. We’ve made our resolutions, and this year we’re going to see them through—until February rolls around, that is.

This year, let’s make a resolution to keep our resolutions.

1.Store your extra furniture to make room for an exercise area.

This year, make room for your health.

You say it every year: “This year, I’m going to get in shape.” However, gym memberships go unused and the determination to take morning jogs is lost. This year, clear out that unused room or cluttered corner and pack away your Zumba-loving heart out, make a little room for fitness in your home. And remember, it’s not about where you start, but your dedication to get to the finish.

2.  Keep old clothes to wear again after weight loss.

This year, make room for reminiscing.

As much as we all set a resolution to exercise more to improve our health, let’s be honest and admit that we also want to get back to the same pant size we wore in college. Don’t throw away those old concert tees and vintage jeans. Store them until you’ve lost those inches and reached your weight loss goal. Who needs to look at a number on a scale when you can slip right back into those leather pants just like before? Or bring back a little 80s flair with your favorite ensemble from back in the day.

3. Declutter your house and destress your life.

This year, make room in your home.

Papers get piled up in home offices, playrooms are overrun with toys, and bedrooms are overflowing with stuffed closets and drawers. Life, and homes, get a little messy. It happens to the best of us, but it can start to cause stress. Don’t wait for spring cleaning to move the clutter into storage and reorganize your space.

4. Store your suitcases and be ready to travel.

This year, make room for new experiences.

Make this the year you get out and see the world, no matter where you go. If you want to backpack across Europe, drive from coast to coast, or plan a few weekend getaways, start checking off more destinations from your travel bucket list. Print your boarding passes, pack your bags, and make this a year filled with adventure and excitement. Explore your country’s history, taste foreign cuisines, and see what life is like across the world. Invest in the memories that will last through more than just another new year.

5. Toss out that TV and find time for family.

This year, make room for one another.

Toddlers turn into teenagers; high schoolers leave for college; kids grow up. Make sure to maintain the strength of the familial bond by engaging with one another through more than the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Sunday Night Football. Get rid of your TVs and find new ways to spend time together. Whether it’s with a family game night, day trips around your hometown, or simply talking to each other around the dinner table.
Let’s make this the year we make resolutions that we stick to. No matter what these resolutions may be, always remember to make room for what brings you happiness.