23 New York City Moving Companies That Will Safely Move Your Things

new york moving companies

Almost anyone can buy a truck and call themselves a moving company, but few can provide the quality care and customer service required to make sure all of your belongings make the trip from one apartment to the next safely.

These 23 companies have what it takes to ensure a safe and stress-free move, from the first box to the last.

Veteran Movers

Founded in 2011 by an ex-Marine, Veteran Movers is the highest rated moving company on Yelp. They believe in supporting US veterans through employment and job training. Veteran Movers has a “Never A Customer Left Behind” policy with top-notch customer service. Customers can also receive quotes online.

Rabbit Movers

This company employs local artists, musicians and writers to give them a day job with enough flexibility to pursue their crafts. At night, their trucks turn into pop-up galleries, also giving the creative community space to highlight their work. If you want to move apartments while supporting the arts, you can do both at once with Rabbit Movers.

Katz Moving

Consider Katz Moving if you want your items packaged with recyclable materials and eco-friendly strategies. They believe in using the latest technology to ensure a safe and comfortable move. This means opting for reusable crates instead of cardboard boxes, which eliminates the need for plastic tape.

Intense Movers

Intense Movers will handle your entire apartment move or help you move a few pieces of furniture down the block. They’re ideal for small moves and starting your life of tiny living. Keep an eye out for the brightly painted trucks traveling across town.

Macho Mensch Movers NYC

Macho Mensch Movers wants to be the friends who help you move when no one else will. They offer flat-rate moving so you can focus less on the clock and more on getting all of your belongings exactly where they need to be.

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Sven Moving

The tagline says it all. When you hire Sven Moving, they lift things up and put them down. They boast the ability to move a sleeper sofa down four flights of stairs without ruining the walls or upholstery, which means all of your furniture — and apartment — are in good hands.

Movers, Not Shakers

Based in Brooklyn, Movers, Not Shakers has been moving New Yorkers around the city since 2002. They pride themselves on their eco-friendly initiatives of reusable boxes and biodiesel trucks to make sure their environmental impact on the city is minimal.

Cool Hand Movers

Cool Hand Movers believes organization and planning is a key to successful moving. They work with a wide range of local businesses to ensure customers have everything they need to prepare for and unpack from their moves.

Solidarity Movers

Not only does Solidarity Movers offer five-star service at a fair price, they also invest in the local community by offering discounts to nonprofits and community groups in the area. Choosing them for your moving means helping out neighborhood organizations.

S & D Moving Co.

S&D Moving started in 2009 with two men — Sheik & Dave — posted an ad for moving services. Their professionalism lead to more and more work, and today they are one of the most in-demand moving services in the Bronx and Manhattan.

College Educated Movers

“Our college degrees weren’t paying the rent, so we started a moving company!” says the team at College Educated Movers. These guys have been helping people move into, out of and around the city since 2006. They’ll bring a ton of experience (plus either a cargo van or a box truck) to your moving day to make a New York move as frictionless as can be.

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Capital City Movers

Consumer research groups give Capital City Movers a five-star rating for their packing and moving services. Whether you’re moving from Connecticut, California or Colombia, Capital City’s team is on call most of the day (New York time) to answer any questions you might have and help you sort the logistics of relocating to the city.

Bee Moving NY

Bee Moving NY, a fully licensed moving company based in Brooklyn, can help with moves throughout the city and surrounding metro area. The company’s founders started out as movers themselves. After six years as employees, they took their knowledge and started a company of their own.

Today, the Bee Moving team brings with it an impressive track record, with high customer satisfaction ratings and safety ratings from the New York Department of Transportation.

Go To Moving

Fully licensed and insured, Go To Moving in Staten Island offers flat-rate pricing for moves within the city. Long-distance moves will require a quote, but the company’s Pricing page does a good job of illustrating its prices for people coming from other cities around the East Coast.

The family-run company was founded in 2004, and says that in the last 12 years it has grown to include a close-knit team of eight movers.

Moore Moving Express

With a friendly team of eight movers based in the Upper East Side (but ready to assist in local and long-distance moves), Moore Moving Express brings more than a decade of experience in handling furniture, art, pianos, and other precious things their customers have needed to move.

A Moveable Feat

Brooklyn’s A Moveable Feat offers transparent pricing upfront so that there are no surprise fees at the door on moving day. That’s why the company maintains a five-star rating from customers, and why at least one newspaper has named it the best moving company in the city.

Shea Moving

Based in Jackson Heights in Queens, Shea Moving earns rave reviews from customers, who praise the company’s promptness, professionalism, and ease with which the family-owned company does business. Shea’s team says it is happy to handle antiques, artwork, pianos, and any other valuables you might need move.

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That Man With a Van

That Man With a Van is actually a misnomer. The company is made up of a duo, Skip and Eugene, who are a great option for local moves. They’re based out of Bushwick in Brooklyn, but are ready to handle moves to all five boroughs and the surrounding areas.

Twin Brothers Movers

Twin Brothers Movers, however, is not a misnomer, and their team is ready to handle apartment moves within the city (up to 30 miles out, actually) and moves from elsewhere to the city. They also offer packing services and even vehicle shipping if you need help with that.

DA Moving Service

DA Moving has earned a stellar reputation over the last three years by being fast and compassionate to customers who are dealing with what is — for most people — a stressful event. In fact, customers rave about owner Diego and his team’s professional demeanor.

Om Moving

Om Moving brings peace of mind to moves across the city and in the surrounding metro area. (Actually, the company considers anything within 400 miles below the threshold of a long-distance move.)

“[These] guys showed up right on the time ready to work,” said one Brooklyn Yelper. “Team attacked all 5 flights of stairs like it was easy, and had me all packed up before lunch! They boxed up all of my loose items & wrapped every single thing they removed, and even helped me take down my TVs from the wall mounts! They made a stressful day a breeze. These guys rock.”

Greenbaum Expert Moving

Granger Greenbaum and the team at Greenbaum Expert Moving get huge points from customers for being polite, thoughtful, capable of handling even the most delicate valuables, and willing to do it all in the rain at the last minute, if necessary. Also, they offer a post-move cleaning service so you don’t have to go back to your old place for a hurried once-over.

Top Hat Movers

One of Brooklyn’s highest-rated moving companies on Yelp, Park Slope’s Top Hat Movers has a team of prompt, courteous, experienced movers to help anyone get settled in the city. Customers rave about Top Hat’s service, too. Said one Yelp reviewer: “If the world was run the way that Robert runs his business, we’d all be a great deal happier — and saner.”

If you’re looking to move to New York, or if you’re just moving across town, keep these moving companies in mind to get you and your stuff where you want to go. And if you need a little extra space for your things before, during or after the move, we have 12 locations conveniently located throughout the New York metro area to serve you.

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