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Best Neighborhoods in Denver for Young Families

For young families looking for great neighborhoods for families in Denver, there are several factors to consider: neighborhood safety, quality of local schools, location in the city, and affordability. In this post, we identify the best areas with all of that in mind to make your search easier! This list of safe, affordable neighborhoods in Denver is the perfect starting point for young families looking for a good place to move and settle down.

Barnum West

Welcome to Barnum Sign
Photo by Jeffrey Beall
  • Average Home Price: $175,000
  • Crime Rank: 16/66
  • School Score: 4/5

Barnum West is one of the most affordable and safest neighborhoods in Denver. Is it considered one of the “hippest” or most desirable neighborhoods in the area? Not really. But with prices in the Denver market skyrocketing and the Barnum area being an affordable option near downtown Denver, Barnum/Barnum West was named Denver’s “hottest” neighborhood in 2016. Take that Wash Park and Highland!

Barnum West is roughly five miles from downtown Denver via 6th Avenue and I-25, making it great for anyone who works downtown or who wants to be close to the downtown amenities like LoDo, Ballpark, and Capitol Hill offer without paying the steep price to be right where all of the action is. It’s also near the Light Rail’s W Line, giving residents a convenient way to travel downtown.

Families will enjoy being located near Barnum Park, Barnum Water Park, and trails for walking and biking. Just a bit to the east on Federal Boulevard, you’ll find an abundance of great restaurant choices. Denver is known for its excellent Mexican food, and you won’t be disappointed with nearby options like El Rancherito, El Taco Veloz, and Fritangas Mexican Restaurant.

For young families looking to buy their first home, Barnum West has a lot to offer. The area is affordable in an expensive market, is in the top group of safest neighborhoods in Denver, and has high-scoring schools, according to Denver’s School Performance Framework testing.

Fort Logan

Snow and home in Fort Logan, Denver
Photo by Devon Hollahan
  • Average Home Price: $299,000
  • Crime Rank: 7/66
  • School Score: 4/5

Compared to other options on this list, Fort Logan is a bit farther south near suburbs like Englewood and Littleton. Fortunately, if you want easy access to downtown Denver from Fort Logan, there are multiple Light Rail lines nearby. Regardless of its location within Denver, the area itself is great for families.

Fort Logan has a cozy suburban feel, plenty of parks nearby, and is relatively affordable. The schools scored well according to Denver’s School Performance Framework, and it’s rated the seventh safest neighborhood in Denver, which families are sure to love.

For families looking to live in an established suburban neighborhood with character, Fort Logan is perfect. In comparison to the cookie-cutter southern suburbs in Denver that have been developed more recently, the unique brick houses in Fort Logan give the area that “homey” feel.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Fort Logan is the great outdoors. Families will enjoy being near Bear Creek Park, Sheridan Community Park, and Marston Lake. Another major plus is that Fort Logan is right off of US 285, making it easy for residents to access the mountains and Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

For families looking for a suburban neighborhood a short drive away from many of the outdoor wonders in Denver, Fort Logan is an excellent option.

University Hills

Tree-lined street in University Hills, Denver, CO
Photo by Jeffrey Beall
  • Average Home Price: $343,000
  • Crime Rank: 30/66
  • School Score: 4/5

University Hills is an affordable neighborhood in South Denver and is very close to the next neighborhood on this list, Indian Creek. University Hills is between I-25, US 285, and South Colorado Boulevard, making it simple to get almost anywhere in Denver.

University Hills is great for young families looking to buy a reasonably priced home in an area with low crime and great schools. It has a quiet, residential feel, but it also has character and energy because of its location near University of Denver.

As far as good schools go, University Hills’ schools generally score well according to Denver’s School Performance Framework testing, and Bradley Elementary School is one of the Denver’s best schools, according to

University Hills is a little distanced from downtown Denver, but not enough to keep you from making a trip into downtown, especially with its location near I-25. There are also multiple Light Rail lines nearby, giving you great public transportation options. On top of that, University Hills is centrally located between downtown and the Denver Tech Center, so it’s a great location for anyone who works in either area.

Indian Creek

Residential homes in Indian Creek, Denver, CO
Photo by Brett VA
  • Average Home Price: $481,000
  • Crime Rank: 1/66
  • School Score: 4/5

Indian Creek is the safest neighborhood in Denver. This area is quiet but isn’t too far from some of the most popular urban areas in Denver, including Lowry. It’s a step up in price from areas like Barnum West and Fort Logan, but it’s more affordable compared to other neighborhoods in the area and offers the low crime and good schools that families are looking for.

This neighborhood has a purely residential feel. You won’t find restaurants and other amenities in your immediate area like some other neighborhoods on this list offer, but its location near SH 83, I-25, and US 225 ensures quick access to those amenities. Also, neighborhoods with more amenities like Washington Park, Platt Park, and Lowry aren’t far away. Another benefit is that the Light Rail’s E, F, and H lines are nearby, giving residents a convenient public transportation option to travel throughout Denver.

Being the safest area in Denver is something families love, but schools are important, too. The Indian Creek schools score well on Denver’s School Performance Framework testing and the area is also home to Rocky Mountain Prep Charter, a public charter school, giving parents yet another quality option on top of  the traditional public school offerings in the area.

City Park

View of City Park and Downtown Denver
Photo by Harshil Shah
  • Average Home Price: $495,000
  • Crime Rank: 10/66
  • School Score: 5/5

Want to live in a safe neighborhood, be near downtown, live within walking distance of one of Denver’s best parks, and have plenty for your kids to do? City Park is considered the most well-rounded neighborhood in Denver, making it great for families.

Home ownership in City Park and City Park West isn’t cheap by any means, but in an expensive market like Denver and surrounded by neighborhoods like Congress Park and Cheesman Park, where homes average as high as $695,000, City Park offers tremendous value based on everything it delivers.

Being near downtown Denver will be a huge plus for anyone who works downtown or wants to enjoy the many amenities that the neighborhoods near downtown offer. Getting to a Rockies game or going out for dinner is just a short drive—or often a short walk—away. In fact, popular restaurants like The Uber Sausage, Bastien’s Restaurant, and Denver Biscuit Company are located in City Park on Colfax Avenue. Head to the park (also called City Park) or take a trip to Denver Zoo or the Museum of Nature and Science!

But that isn’t all! City Park rates very well according to Denver’s School Performance Framework and is home to East High School, one of the best schools in Denver.


See a neighborhood that stands out to you? Have you lived in one of these areas? Let us know in the comments. With several great options to choose from, you’re bound to find a great neighborhood in Denver for your family.

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*Average home prices, crime rank (66 being the highest crime), and school scores (5 being the highest) are from

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