5 Tips for Parents & Kids Moving Back In Together

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If your son or daughter just graduated college, or is returning home after any time away, it is often caused because he or she has not been able to save up enough money for a place of their own. When grown children move back home, it’s important to consider these tips.


  1. Set Boundaries Before They Move In

When your child lives at home with the hope of soon moving out, things can get complicated. Make sure your child knows how you’ve been operating without them there all this time. Put a plan in place before they’re back in your home. Talk to them about the chores they will help out with around the house, or consider asking them to contribute to a bill or two to get them accustomed to what they will experience when living on their own. No matter what, it’s important that you set rules ahead of time so they know that moving home doesn’t let them escape adult life; it just helps them out until they can support themselves.


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  1. Help Them Look For a Place of Their Own

Help your child find a house or an apartment that he or she can afford without being pushy. More often than not, your child is going to want to be on his or her own just as much as you’d like them to be. Instead of pressuring them with an eviction notice, let them tell you what they’re looking for and help them with your wisdom. You are obviously more experienced with this than they are, so guide them down the right path. They might not know what they should be looking for, but you’ll probably know best.

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  1. Create a Timeline

Make it clear to your child that moving back home is not a “forever” deal. Create a timeline, but make sure it is conditional. If it is too extreme, it could become a sore subject and create distance between you and your child. A smart timeline that can be adjusted depending on your goals and plans is useful in helping your child understand that you’re there for them, but want them to succeed independently as well.

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  1. Make Room, Both Emotionally and Physically

The last few years of having an empty nest may sneak up on you when it comes time for your little birds to return home. Ensure that you have not only emotionally accepted that they’re coming back, but that you have the room for them in your home. Now might be the right time to rent a storage unit and start storing the things you won’t need for a while — both things of yours and things of theirs.



  1. Enjoy Your Time Together

All in all, remember that although you may have to make some sacrifices to welcome your child back into your home, time spent with them is never time wasted. Create new memories and enjoy the time while you are still able to see them every day. When they are living on their own, you may miss the access you had to them during this time. Keep that in mind when welcoming your child back into your home.


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