Sports Equipment: Toss It or Move It to a Storage Unit?

mainSummer is the perfect time for pulling your old sports equipment out of storage for fun-filled days at the park, but it’s also the perfect time to decide whether or not you can still use the equipment you have. If your space has filled up with old sports equipment that no one in your family ever uses, it may be time to trash it. Here are some tips on how to evaluate whether you should get rid of some sports equipment or keep it in a storage unit for the right season.

  1. Deflated Soccer/Basketballs

Take a good look at the balls you’ve been storing. If some of them are deflated, can you buy a pump and fix them? If they are beyond repair, it’s time to trash them. Saving deflated balls only takes up space, especially if they can’t be used in the future. Treat your family by picking up new ones at any sporting goods store in town.

Bonus Storage Tip: Use a bin or bag to keep all of your soccer balls and basketballs in one place.


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  1. Tennis Racquets

You may not be the next Serena Williams, but a tennis racquet is always a fun and useful piece of equipment to have. Don’t throw out a good racquet if there’s a hole; you can easily get one restrung for less money than buying a new racquet. If you’re not much of a tennis player, keep it in storage until you go on vacation or decide to have an impromptu match.

Bonus Storage Tip: Store your racquets in a climate-controlled area.


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  1. Cornhole

Nothing says summer like a great lawn game like cornhole — but before your next tailgate or barbecue, make sure your boards and bean bags are up to par. If the boards have begun to break apart or rot and the bags are ripping or have lost their stuffing, it may be time to say goodbye. Luckily, you have the option of saving pieces that are in good condition and replacing the others.

Bonus Storage Tip: Store cornhole in a dry place away from any water source.


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  1. Basketball Hoop

We’ve all driven by a basketball hoop that’s been rusting away in the driveway. This is an example of something to trash, rather than stash. There’s not much you can do to fix it at this point. If your family uses the hoop daily, it may just be time to invest in a new one.

Bonus Storage Tip: If you’re purchasing a portable basketball hoop, make sure it has wheels for easy portability.


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  1. Kayak

There’s nothing like getting out on the open water during the summertime. For water sport equipment like kayaks, proper storage and thorough inspection are very important. When you’re ready for your first paddle of the season (or any paddle for that matter), take a look at a few things. Inspect the hull and rigging for damage and evaluate the state of accessories like the seat. Once you have done this, you can determine whether it’s more cost-efficient to replace older parts or to replace the kayak entirely. Remember, the longevity of this equipment depends on how well it is taken care of both in and out of season.

Bonus Storage Tip: Store a kayak on its side.


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