Rainy Day Activities You Can Create With Items in Storage

featureRain, rain, go away…or maybe not? Just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! This summer, family time doesn’t have to be about sun — you can create amazing memories at home, inside. Here are a few things you can do with items you already have in storage.

  1. Organize a Karaoke Contest


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Is that old karaoke machine sitting in storage collecting dust? Today is a great day to pull it out! Let your kids bop along to their favorite songs and the kids will quickly forget the rain. For an added bonus, set up a table and play “America’s Got Talent” – you might just be looking at the next big star!

No karaoke machine? No problem! Old records and CDs will do the trick as well. Pull out your favorite tunes from your childhood, and share those memories with your kids. Dance party, anyone?

  1. Play Dress Up or Put on a Show

dress up

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For this activity, you’ll need only two things: Your old clothes from storage, and a great imagination! Head to your storage unit and grab all the clothes you can find. Then let your kids go wild! What characters will they create: a princess with your old prom dress? A president with your old suits? Who knows!

If you really want to entertain your kids, set up a stage in your living room and ask them to put on a play for you. They can use costume changes and props, while entertaining you with their stories. Grab your video camera — this is something you’ll want to remember forever.

  1. Have Christmas in July

chirstmas in july

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Gone are the days where snow signals the Christmas season. This year, we’re having it in July! Get out your tree and decorations and throw the best mid-year Christmas party anyone has ever seen. Put on your favorite songs, like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, and sing along while you hang ornaments. For an added bonus, bake some gingerbread or sugar cookies for that Christmas-time smell.

Your holidays are not limited to Christmas — why not try Halloween in July instead? Grab your favorite witches, goblins and pumpkins from your storage unit and set up a spooky haunted house. A gloomy, rainy day only add to the scary scene, right?

  1. Upcycle a New Play Table

new play table

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Turn your old, unused furniture into a play table for the kids. From cribs that turn into desks, to desks that turn into kitchens, the sky is the limit. Take a look at whatever you have in storage, and choose an item that needs a new life. Then let the little ones help by picking out colors and decorating with you.

At the end of the day, they’ll have a new play table to entertain them on the next rainy day. Now you’ve filled two days with excitement at once!

  1. Create a Time Capsule

time capsule

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Another great way to pass the time (and clear out a little clutter) is to create a kid-approved time capsule. Have your kids place some knickknacks in a box, along with letters or videos that they can write and shoot during the day. You can also have them decorate their time capsules however they want. It’s a great keepsake for the future — not to mention, it’s a blast to make!


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