Make Your Summer Fun with Items You Have in Storage


Summer has finally arrived! It’s time to play outside, enjoy the nice weather, and create new family memories that you’ll remember forever. But how do you create new, fun ways to spend time together? Your storage unit is full of untapped potential – if only you use your imagination to look. Here are five ways to step up your summer activities with things you already own.


  1. Living Room Campingliving room camping

(Via 52 for Two)

Camping is a summertime staple, but when you’re not going out into the wilderness (or bad weather has ruined your trip), set up your camping gear in the living room. This elevated blanket-fort is right up your kids’ alley, and they’ll get a kick out of sleeping in a tent instead of their beds.

  1. Backyard Obstacle Course

obstacle course

(Via Listotic)

In the eyes of a child, everything is an obstacle course. So why not put that idea to use? Here’s your chance to be creative; any items in your storage unit can become an obstacle. Ladders and tires can make great running activities. Trunks can be jumped over, tables can be crawled under. You have an entire room worth of potential barriers, hurdles and blocks!

  1. Paint Slip-n-Slide

paint slip

(Via Wattpad)

Toys can get boring year-after-year, so this summer, shake things up. Roll out the Slip-n-Slide for the kids, but instead of adding water, try adding environmentally-friendly paint. It adds a little extra fun to the activity, and although it’s messy, your kids will get a kick out of it. Then they can rinse off with the hose or by running through the sprinkler – a fun summertime activity in itself.

  1. Stargazing Poolstargazing

(Via Family Days Tried and Tested)

Splashing in the pool can be fun, but when the sun sets, we have another idea. Empty your kids’ pool and fill it with blankets, pillows and other cuddly items. Then, at night, you have the perfect setting for stargazing! Just sit back and relax, without worrying about itchy grass or bugs.

  1. Twinkle Light Volleyball Net


(Via We <3 It)

Christmas lights don’t have to go unused during every other season; they’re also a great addition to backyard summer fun. Try this easy DIY: String your volleyball or badminton net with these twinkly lights and immediately have a great setting for your next get-together. Who knew this one item could elevate any backyard or beach party?

Which items are you most excited to take out of storage this summer? Leave your answer in the comments below!