Resources for Parents Raising Children in Las Vegas

If life has your family moving to Sin City, you might be wondering whether Las Vegas is a good place to raise children. After all, most people recognize Las Vegas as an adult-oriented tourist destination. But what outsiders don’t realize is that the tourist magnet known as the Strip is a very small area of Las Vegas. The rest is filled with family-friendly neighborhoods and suburbs just like any other city!

Use this guide to learn more about living in Las Vegas with children. You’ll find general information about the city, the best areas for families, and a comprehensive list of things for kids and families to do.

Things to Know About Living
in VegasAerial View of Las Vegas, NV

Visiting Las Vegas and living in Las Vegas are very different experiences, so it’s important to know what you can expect if you’re considering a move or currently in the process of moving to Las Vegas. From weather and cost of living to restaurant and entertainment suggestions, we have everything you need to know about Las Vegas before moving in one easy-to-read list!

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Home in Las Vegas, NVBest Areas for Families to Live In

So you’ve decided to move to Vegas. But where should you settle? You don’t want to wind up in a bad part of town, especially if you have kids! We’ve compiled a list of the best neighborhoods and suburbs for anyone who wants to live in an area with good schools, friendly neighbors, and unique community features.

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Things to Do With KidsFamily watching fountains in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well-known as an “adult” vacation destination, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of kid-friendly or family-friendly things to do around the city and its suburbs. Our comprehensive list details awesome adventures for kids and families, including museums, shows, parks, pools, thrill rides, and much more!

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