How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Items You Already Have

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Spring is the season of gardening, grilling in the backyard, and patio furniture, so it’s also the time to make sure your outdoor space is looking its best. Instead of running out and purchasing new outdoor furniture this spring, why not take a look through your storage unit? It’s easy to make what was once an inside-specific piece of furniture totally useful outside. With these tips and tricks, you can convert almost anything. Create furniture that you will love and use in the future – this summer, next summer, and forever.

  1. Replace the fabric with something tougher.


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For obvious reasons like rain and sunlight, typical indoor fabrics can’t withstand the outdoors. But that doesn’t mean that your furniture can’t be repurposed. Rip out the current fabric and replace it with a tough outdoor fabric – preferably one that is both moisture resistant and sun-proof. For an indoor feel, look for bright colors and patterns.

  1. Metal might be best.


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Do you have a piece of furniture made of aluminum or wrought iron rusting away in storage? This is the perfect material for outside. Heavy-wear materials like these can last years in even the toughest conditions. Although you may want to move or cover these items in the rain (to avoid rust), a metal piece of furniture can make your patio or outdoor space come to life.

  1. Seal your current wood furniture.


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With a variety of sealants and stains, you can protect your wooden furniture from the weather, and make a great backyard space. Simply take your furniture out of storage (or out of your home), spray with a waterproof sealer and you’re done! Spring is the perfect time to start this renovation so you have a great space to hang out and entertain all summer long!

  1. Put on your construction hats.

 construction hats

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A nice wooden bench, chair, or table might seem like the perfect piece of furniture to upgrade for your outdoor space, but first, take a look at the way it was constructed. If pieces of wood are put together with screws, you’re good to go. If the furniture was constructed with glue, however, you may want to make some changes. Interior glues can loosen with fluctuation in weather or moisture, so it may be wise to take the wooden piece apart and reconstruct with a waterproof glue first.

  1. Outdoor spaces need more than nice furniture.

nice furniture

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Once you’ve repurposed your chairs, tables, and more, you need to decorate! Pots and planters are a great option – paint your current indoor pots with a weatherproof paint in any color, and you can leave them outside for years. You can also repurpose the throw pillows you have in your living room or in storage for your backyard by re-covering them with a waterproof fabric.

Now you’re ready to start working on your dream backyard! And don’t forget, during the off-season, a climate-controlled storage unit is the perfect place to keep everything.

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