Memories You Can Share with Your Children After You’re Gone


A sad yet touching idea is for people to plan to give their children gifts posthumously. Whether terminally-ill or just extremely prepared, creating gifts to leave for parents and spouses can be a great idea to both let them know you’re always thinking of them, and to help them remember your love after you have passed. There are many gifts that you can work on creating over the years, through your entire relationship or over the entirety of your children’s lives. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Yearly Photo Collages

A great way to preserve memories and remind your loved ones of how much time has passed is by creating a yearly photo collage or album. Take the same photo of your children every year – perhaps in the same location, or with them wearing the same (or similar) outfits. When you’re done, they will appear to grow before your eyes, and they’ll know that you were thinking of them every day of their lives.

  1. Generational Time Capsules

 time capsule

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Often, when a loved one passes on, younger generations lose their last link to their ancestors. Make sure that this isn’t the case in your family by creating a time capsule, with information and possessions of past and present generations. Anything from family heirlooms to letters or lists of names of previous generations can help your children feel connected to their family.

  1. Collections of Important Moments

 memory frames

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Start collecting items from important events in your life as early as possible. From your child’s hospital bracelet at birth, to their high school prom corsage, to their college graduation caps, these items will hold meaning forever. In a time of high stress and emotion, it will be great to look back at a box full of memories that you were kind enough to preserve in the moment.

While it might not be the easiest thing to think about, being prepared when this situation occurs can ease your pain, as well as the pain of your loved ones. These types of gifts can show just how much you love your children and spouses.

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  1. my mom left this earth just 3 weeks ago, she had everything planned out, including, a chest full of memories we all had given her though the years, so precious. Yes, I plan to do the same.

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