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At some point in your life, you have probably thought seriously about moving to a new home. Whether you follow through with that decision or not, understanding the reasons behind wanting to move and the practicality of doing so is important. Before taking the plunge, there are three basic questions you’ll have to answer.

What is Important to You?

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The first step is to take a few minutes to think about what is important to you. Perhaps you and your partner are thinking of starting a family. Maybe you’d like to be near your aging parents or be somewhere with better job opportunities. Take a moment to write down a list of general priorities. Size and location are two of the most important factors when you begin the process of looking for a new home. If you’re moving somewhere bigger, you’ll finally be able to take your favorite pieces out of storage to fill up your house. However, there may be other factors that affect your move, such as losing a job and needing to downsize. In that case, having a storage unit is an important step before making the move.

When is the Right Time?

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There are a lot of factors you have to consider about the actual moving process, especially if your goal is to move right away. Season and weather have a great impact on moving, especially because doing so in the winter can be difficult with snow. Try to plan your move for the following spring, not only because it will be easier for you, but because it may be best to list your home on the market in March or April. However, if you really need to move ASAP, renting storage with climate control can get you and your items through the cold season safely.

 Is it Affordable?

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Before agreeing to move, the last step is to ensure that it is affordable for you. You can’t simply think about the price of your new home, but also all of the expenses related to your move – like hiring movers and renting storage – as well as additional home expenses – like taxes, mortgages and realtors. Plan out all of your costs and expenses before planning the move; you’ll be happy you did! This way, you won’t get sidetracked looking for homes or in neighborhoods that you can’t really afford.

Why you want to move, in addition to when you want to move and how you will afford it are the three first questions anyone needs to ask before making the official decision. If you understand these three things, your move will be much easier and more enjoyable.

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