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When a loved one passes, you must take the time to go through all of the items in his or her home and storage unit in order to decide what to keep and what to discard. If you don’t have room in your house, you will end up storing some of the more valuable items. But smaller and more important items can be re-purposed in a meaningful way. Here are some ways to preserve your deceased loved one’s items and keep their memory alive in the future.

  1. Jewelry Bouquet

jewelry boquet

(Via Style Me Pretty)

Many young women can say that their grandmothers keep big, beautiful pieces of costume jewelry in their homes. If you’re inheriting some of these pieces, use them in a creative way, such as crafting a DIY jewelry bouquet for your own wedding. It will mean a lot to have a piece of your loved one with you at such an important moment.

         2. Soldier’s Flag Box

soldier flag box

(Via Military Wood Crafters)

If your loved one was in the armed forces, build a beautiful and personal flag box for a great way to honor their memory and service. There are many styles of flag boxes, so think about your loved one specifically and what he or she might have loved.

         3. Memory Quilt

memory quilt

(Via Polka Dot Chair)

When cleaning out your loved one’s storage, you’ll undoubtedly stumble across some of their favorite pieces of clothing. A cozy sweater they always wore, or a dress that they wore to an important event will hold meaning to you. Keep these few special pieces for yourself as you box up their things and give them to charity or put them back in storage. You can turn those items into a memory quilt, weaving together some of their favorite precious items.

          4. Garden


(Via Better Homes and Gardens)

If your loved one had planted a large garden outside of their home, you don’t have to give up that memory when you sell their house. Carefully remove their plants and bring them with you to your house, so that you can continue to care for the plants they loved so dearly. Create a memory garden, perhaps with a memorial stone, that you can go to and think back on the time you spent together.

           5. Flower Beads

flower beads

(Via eHow)

If your loved one kept any bouquets from important memories in their lives, such as weddings, a great trick is to use this tutorial to turn them into flower beads. Alternatively, you can use funeral bouquets to create these beads as well.