Moving In Together: What to Toss, Keep, or Replace

moving in together

Congratulations, you’re moving in together! It’s an exciting step in your relationship or marriage. Once you’ve decided that moving in is the right next step, you have to start thinking about the practical aspects of consolidating your items. What is worth keeping, and what is worth storing? This guide is meant to help you figure out: should you keep one, keep both, or buy new?

Toss One

  1. Television

It’s pretty likely that you’ll only have one living room, so why would you need two televisions? One will suffice, so pick the one that’s better (or bigger) and start setting it up! If the other is still functional, store it for the day you move into a larger living space. Otherwise, it’s time that older electronic gets the boot.

  1. Cookware

Kitchen cabinet storage tends to always be full, even when you only have one set of pots and pans to fit in. But with two, you will most likely end up with a cascading pile. Ditch that old pan with the scorch marks from your twenties.

Keep Both

  1. Furniture

Furniture is a large investment, so even if you don’t keep both sets in your new home, you might want to keep both sofas, both kitchen tables, etc. Pick the one that best matches your new home, and store the other. At the very least, you’ll save money when you upgrade to a bigger place in the future.

  1. Dishes and Glasses

Let’s face it: glass breaks. As careful as we are, there’s a good chance that at one point, one of those plates will be dropped and shattered. Having a backup set is great to avoid problems. Not to mention, it makes hosting big parties a LOT easier! Having eight glasses is always better than having four. If your kitchen doesn’t have enough room, box them up and put them in storage until you need them.


  1. Bed

When you move in together, your bedroom will be an important shared space. Start off on the right foot with a bed that you share. You’ll probably want to invest in a larger size (especially if you’re moving from a small apartment) so that you’re always comfortable in it together. Experts suggest that you should buy a new mattress every seven years. Take this time to get one that is comfortable for the both of you! Buying a new bed can be symbolic of the new life you’re about to share, so have fun picking one out together.

  1. Towels and Sheets

A set of mismatched towels isn’t a great look for your brand new place. Ditch the old ones and pick up a brand new set – one that matches! You’ll also want to pick up new sheets (especially if you do get a new bed). It’s generally accepted that you should replace your towels every two years, and bed sheets tend to show aging after a while. A good set of sheets and towels aren’t too much of an investment, but they can definitely make a difference in the long run!




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