Nursery Storage Solutions for a New Baby

growing family

Congratulations, you’re expanding the family! Whether you’re a first-time parent, or one with experience, finding the perfect amount of storage for your child’s nursery is important (and can be very helpful down the line).  Here are some smart storage solutions to take any nursery to the next level.

  1. Under the Bed Storage

under the bed


Save space by utilizing the area underneath a bed for storage! Trundle beds come in handy if you replace the mattress with drawers. And for littler ones, the space under a crib is great for storage as well – just purchase some cute baskets or bins!

  1. Fold-Down Changing Table

fold down changing table


For those with little room to spare in the nursery, take a tip from public restrooms and install a drop-down changing table. This style is much less bulky than a traditional changing table, and you’ll have a lot of extra floor space. When it’s not being used, you can fold it up, and really open up the room!

  1. Open Shelving

open shelving


An open shelving unit is a great way to store your child’s items. Get matching bins, or try different colors to open up the room. And the best part? The low shelves can be reached by your kids, so they can easily reach things they want, like toys, without having to get your attention. Store important or fragile items on the higher shelves to keep them out of reach.

  1. Window Storage Bench

window storage bed


A window seat is the perfect way to create extra storage space, while utilizing a practical item. Set up a bench with shelving underneath to hold books or miscellaneous items. Or create one yourself by turning a bookshelf on its side and adding padding to the top! A comfy spot with built-in storage space? What could be better?!