Celebrate Valentine’s Day with These Easy DIY Gifts


A gift from the heart is always appreciated, but what if the gift you get your valentine could actually help them in their future? Whether 2016 is the year they want to land a dream job, get in shape, or start planning a family, you can make a long-lasting gift that says you understand and appreciate their goals. Help your valentine take the first step to achieving their dream, while giving them a gift that they’ll love for a lifetime.

  1. For the Eager Professional: A Work Portfolio

If your valentine has some big career goals, a gorgeous portfolio will help them get a leg up each time they make a career transition. Organize a detailed book describing previous career wins. A portfolio is helpful for many career types, not just for those in creative fields. And during the years in between interviewing, be sure to wrap the exterior of the portfolio with a plastic covering to help preserve the covering and the papers inside.

  1. For the Marathon-Prepper: Athletic Gear

If your valentine is an athlete out to complete one of the toughest runs possible, athletic gear is a great gift. From personalizing a high-quality water bottle, to preparing them a booklet of on-the-go smoothie recipes, there are endless possibilities for DIY gifts for the athlete in your life. And if you don’t want to go the DIY route, a great piece of equipment, like a stationary bike or treadmill, can be a great gift. Just remember to make sure all equipment is completely dry before you store in between training seasons.

  1. For the Growing Family: A Scrapbook

Family planning can be an important goal for a couple, so if you know your valentine is looking forward to having children soon, why not show them you agree with a customized family scrapbook? Take some time to root through storage and collect a bunch of things from your childhood, as well as your partners’. Pictures, small items, or baby clothes and blankets can make a great addition to the scrapbook. And be sure to leave empty pages at the end – that’s where the photos of your new baby will go!

  1. For the Resolution-Maker: A Journal

For those who want to spend 2016 making their lives a little better, a DIY journal is a great way to help them out. Your journal may feature a lot of calendars and note space for a valentine who wants to focus on organization. You may want to include pages with motivational phrases or quotes as well to help them keep up the positive thinking! Just remember to store the journal in a well ventilated area that isn’t subject to extreme temperature changes.