Storage Tips to Save Your Family Money


Children cost a lot of money. If you’re a parent thinking about having a second (or third) child, you’re probably already worrying about the stress of buying all the supplies you need before the baby comes…and after he or she gets here. But there are a few ways to save some cash by re-using items you have in storage. Here are our tips for saving money on your growing family.

  1. Keep your crib.

If your baby is quickly becoming a toddler and needs a new, bigger bed to sleep comfortably, don’t get rid of that crib! Keep your crib (as well as other baby items like a bassinette, a changing table, a stroller, etc.) and you can save a lot of money when you plan to have another child. And if you don’t have room for it, put it in storage until your second baby is born.

  1. Old toys are as good as new.

In 2013, the average amount spent on toys per child in America was $371. This time around, save some cash (and A LOT of space in your house) by re-using some toys. Your second child will love that cuddly teddy bear as much as your first child did.

  1. Hand down your hand-me-downs.

Your children’s hand-me-down clothes may not be fashionable when they are in middle school, but for a baby, no one would be any wiser. Baby clothes are easy to store, and you’ll save a ton of money preparing for your new arrival if you already have a dresser full of onesies.

  1. Store those school supplies.

Each year, the pre-requisite list for starting school gets longer and longer. If only you could find those rulers, colored pencils, folders and note cards from last year! Instead of spending money every September buying the same items, pack up your kids’ supplies in June and store them until the fall. You’ll also save yourself the stress of getting the last green folder in the store.