Forget spring cleaning. What about winter organizing? Make sure you start this year off on the right foot by preparing for winter in the best way. Keep yourself and your family organized, and fend off those winter blues.

  1. Create a family calendar for 2016.

One easy way to ensure that you stay organized, not only this winter but all year long, is to implement a family calendar. Hang a large calendar in your kitchen (or another shared space) and make sure that your family adds their important events and dates. Never forget a doctor’s appointment again! Keep track of your kid’s practices, birthday parties, and school field trips. The calendar will keep you stress-free all year long.

  1. Donate clothes to charity.

Winter is the perfect time to give back and help the less fortunate. Go through your closets, collect all of the winter items you no longer need—coats, gloves, hats, boots—and pack them up to take to a local charity that collects clothes. You’ll make more room in your home, but more importantly, you’ll be helping others, which is a great way to spread good will during the winter.

  1. Store your decorations properly.

Unfortunately, the holiday season has passed, and that means that it’s about time to pack up your ornaments, your trees and your Santas and send them back to your storage unit. Make sure that you keep them all safe until the next holiday season by packing them properly. [LINK TO DECORATION STORAGE BLOG]

  1. Re-decorate your mudroom.

One of the worst things about winter is always having to clean up when you come inside. Your boots track ice, mud and snow all through the house, and it ends up melting into your carpets and damaging your hardwood. One way to fix that is with a great mudroom, so why not do it now! Implement coat racks and hooks for hats, gloves or bags, as well as mats to keep boots from making a mess. If you have a little extra room, designate that space for your kids’ winter toys, like sleds.

  1. Prepare for tax season.

It’s January and that means taxes are just around the corner! Take this time to make sure your home office is in order. Organize those important papers by buying some filing cabinets or bins to sort things. Make sure that your desk is clear and all of your tools are nearby. Create an organized space to do your work and it will help you down the road!