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This time every year, many people start to get nervous about finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. Instead of rushing out on Black Friday to score the best deal on a television, why not make something from the heart? Items come and go, but things you make with love will be treasured for years to come. Here are some DIY gift ideas to ensure that your family and friends have a happy holiday.

       1. Photo Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are nothing new, but there is nothing more personal to someone than an artistic collection of their photos. Go into your storage unit and grab all of the photos you can find – of their family, friends, and special events over the years. Then create a beautiful arrangement of photos that your loved ones can keep forever, and flip through any time they are feeling nostalgic.recipe book

Photo from Martha Stewart

     2. Family Recipe Book

If you want to celebrate family memories, but don’t have many photos lying around, then a recipe book could be a great alternative. Print out recipes and put them in a book, organized by holiday or by the family member who created them. Whether you collect the recipes that you’ve been passing down for years, or new recipes to try together as a family, this gift will be practical, pretty, and will definitely end with a recipes

Photo from Real Simple

      3. Cookies in a Jar

Christmas cookies are often a family tradition, but what if your family and friends live far away? This cookie-in-a-jar recipe can be a great gift to send to your loved ones far and wide. All you need is a mason jar, and add the ingredients for your favorite cookie recipe. Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or sugar cookie mix will do the trick. Then all they’ll need to do is bake in order to have a piece of home.

cookie in a jar

Photo from All Recipes

     4. DIY Book Covers

For your book-loving family and friends, their favorite books kept in storage may need a bit of a facelift. After the 200th read of their paperback copy, an original hardcover might be the perfect gift. Create a custom cover and re-string their favorite book for a surprise gift that they’ll love. But be ready to teach them how – they’ll want to recover all of their books!

book covers

Photo from Apartment Therapy