5 Ways to Save Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted on Nov 17 2015 - 7:33am by Dayna Hathaway

5 ways to save thanksgiving recipes

Memories last forever, but recipe cards don’t. Flipping through old recipes may give you flashbacks to tender turkey dinners at your grandma’s house, but recreating her legendary mashed potatoes for your children may be a hassle when the handwritten cards are faded, fragile and covered with foreign food splatters. Give your recipes a longer life with these ways to save recipes, and have your Thanksgiving favorites live on for generations to come.


  1. Kitchen Towels 

kitchen towels

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Make a collage of some Thanksgiving staples (or several if you want to showcase appetizers and desserts separately). After scanning and editing to your liking, upload your masterpiece to a custom fabric print program like Spoonflower. In a matter of a few weeks, you’ll have long-lasting tea towels that are a constant reminder of your holiday favorites.

2.  Cutting Boards

cutting board

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The constant reminder of fond family memories may make you teary-eyed—or perhaps it’s the yellow onions you’re cutting up for dinner on a recipe-engraved bamboo cutting board.

3. Handwritten Plates

 handwritten plates

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Put your calligraphy skills to good use with personalized dinnerware. Pick up simple plates at your local kitchenware store, write your recipe of choice with your favorite Sharpie, and throw it in the oven at 150° for 30 minutes to make your handwritten recipes permanent.

4. Frame It


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Spruce up your kitchen walls with your favorite recipes for Turkey Day. Proudly display your culinary heirlooms in beautiful golden or cedar frames, or pass them down to family members as housewarming gifts.

5. Cabinet References

cabinet ref

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If you own your home and plan on staying there for years to come, create an easily-accessible reference point for your go-to green bean casserole and cranberry sauce. In this case, scribble details down in your kitchen cabinets is an offbeat way to customize your space.