Five Inspiring Stories that will Help You Stay Hopeful

Feeling a little bit hopeless? Try these stories about people finding or giving hope when it’s needed the most. After all, hope is contagious! We know that sometimes storage customers need us when they’re in the middle of a trying situation, whether it’s recovering from a natural disaster or enduring a never-ending remodeling project! We hope these stories inspire hope in your life, no matter what’s going on.


Image via Facebook/SnowedOutAtlanta

1. Snowed Out, but Not Hopeless

In 2014, Business Insider shared 13 Examples of People Being Awesome in the Middle of The Atlanta Traffic Jam. In case you don’t remember this infamous event, Winter Storm Leon paralyzed Atlanta and left many drivers stranded on the interstate without provisions. It was especially tough for those with medical conditions, the elderly and young children. The desperation was met with kind volunteers who left free food and beverages at stops along the interstate. Some walked miles with sleds to hand out snacks. There were even some “hot chocolate guys!” While the snow was only a temporary problem, this is still a soul-warming story of getting back hope through kindness.

2. Fighting the Choppy Sea, and Winning 

What could be more difficult than struggling for hours to stay afloat in the sea? Hanging on paid off for Mohammed Besmar, a refugee who was recently lost in the choppy Aegean Sea for 13 hours. He had jumped in the water to retrieve an oar to help other passengers in his boat, but they ended having to leave him there with only a thrown life vest to cling to for safety. A woman on vacation near the island Kos rescued the barely conscious man after spotting him waving to her from the immense sea. Read the story at CNN: Greek vacationers rescue Syrian man after 13 hours lost at sea.


Image via Chad Mureta/

3. Flipping a Life Around for the Better

A serious accident turned one man’s life around in 2009. Forbes tells the amazing story of an unhappy and financially stressed real estate agent turned millionaire. When Chad Mureta finally took a vacation day, he got into a serious car accident. His doctors told him it was a miracle he survived after his car flipped four times, but his arm would need to be amputated. Chad told Forbes that he lost all hope at that moment. He was in serious pain and even more serious debt, and he faced a yearlong recovery. What Chad got back was hope, and he created a successful business from his hospital bed. Chad got to keep his arm after all, and the apps he created, Emoji and FingerPrint Security Pro, have been downloaded more than 50 million times! Chad was the creative and marketing genius behind the apps. He only needed to hire a developer and ask a family member for a small loan to get started. Read the story: The Accident that Created an App Millionaire.

 4. Providing Hope Where It’s Needed Most

From an early age, Fion Phua was inspired to bring hope to struggling people. Fion visited an orphanage for disabled kids when she was 16, and the experience changed her life. She spent the next 30 years helping sick, impoverished, elderly or disabled people. Her self-funded group, Keeping Hope Alive, is made up of volunteers who knock on doors at public housing flats and offer assistance. Volunteers may provide food or money for bus fare, clean houses, clear away bugs, or just sit with a lonely person. Fion received the Singapore Woman Award in 2015. Read more about her at Changing Lives Women in Keeping Hope Alive for Others.

 rescue-dogImage via KTLA 5

5. Barking for a Good Cause  

Animals have hope too! KTLA reported a beautiful story of a stray male dog (pictured above) that just wouldn’t stop until it led animal rescuers to another abandoned dog and its 10 small puppies that were shivering in mud in icy temperatures in Dallas in March. The mother dog was exhausted and the puppies were crying out for help. All dogs are now safe, thanks to the tenacious and hopeful stray dog that knew how to get help! See more at KTLA, Hero Dog Leads Rescuers to 10 Puppies, Mother Abandoned in Frigid Weather in Dallas Park.

No matter what life throws at you, it’s important to not lose hope. You can make it through. You’re stronger than you think you are. Have a hope-filled day!