5 Storage Solutions for Pet Owners


As much as you love your pet, it’s okay to admit how annoyed you may get with how much maintenance and supplies he/she comes with. Sometimes it feels like your pet owns you by taking up so much space. From the bed, to the food, to hygienic needs, and more, you find constant clutter throughout your home. Although you can’t train them to clean up after their mess, you can arrange and store your pet’s belongings to create more space for anything you please.

  1. Your pet’s bed doesn’t necessarily have to be an inconvenient cushion placed somewhere on the floor. You can mount your cat’s bed onto the wall to open up space on the floor. They always land on their feet anyways, right?

cat bed(via Hative.com)

2. Similar to the bed ordeal, your pet is not spending his/her entire day eating, making it unnecessary to keep the food and bowls out all the time. If you have a spare drawer close to the floor, turn it into a feeding station for your dog or cat. You can also purchase a unit, like the one depicted below.

drawers(via Pinterest.com)

3. Work with what you’ve got already to store your pet’s “baggage”. A litter box can be made out of a hollow bench with a small opening.

this(via Buzzfeed)

4. A table has four legs, so why not connect them to make three walls and a door to turn the decorative mini table into a crate your little furry friend?

4(via This Old House)

5. To prevent a mess of plastic bags for when you take your dog on a walk, contain them all in a dispenser that’s easy to grab and go when your pet…has to go.

bottle(via Pinterest)

What other pet storage solutions have you thought up? Tell us in the comments below!