Shop-Happy Americans Have Plenty to Store (shocking stats)

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 5:50am by Garret Stembridge


We Americans know what we like. As one bright-eyed young Texan said, “What mama wants, mama gets.” And as it turns out, there are lots of “mamas” getting what they want in America.

If you don’t agree, let’s take a look at one of the nation’s favorite holidays, Christmas.

The Gallup Poll found Americans estimated spending on Christmas alone to be $786 in 2013. At the same time, the United State’s Central Intelligence Agency, reported there were five countries in the world whose average annual income was less than Americans’ spending on Christmas.

What is this spend-crazy phenomenon? One word: consumerism.

Consumerism, as defined by Wikipedia, is the ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts (sound familiar?).

If you’re not feeling guilty yet, have a go at this.

On this great planet earth, there are 247 countries. China is the most populous of these countries, with 1,369,810,000 people. The Pitcairn Islands, the least, with a population of 56. The United States ranks third, with 321,040,000, a fourth the population of China.

Every year, the United Nations Statistics Division ranks each country to determine the largest consumer markets. According to its most recent report, if the entire world, with all of its countries, were split into a pie graph, the United States of America ALONE would eat up 26.69%; more than a quarter of the world’s entire consumption.

China, the next most-consuming country, comes in at just 7.72% of that pie, again, with four times as many people.  And only 17 of the world’s 247 countries take up more than 1% of the graph. The other 230 countries’ consumption rates? They are in the fractions.

No other country in the world, the entire world, comes anywhere as close to spending as much on consumer goods as America.

And, thanks to the great capitalism that makes consumerism thrive here, we also have industries to aid us when our consumption gets out of hand. Namely, self storage.

Yes, America is not just first in consumption, according to the Self Storage Association, we are also first in having the most self storage per capita. Giving us plenty of room to store our plenty of goods.

Image Source: Forbes.

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