Cool Home Storage Gifts Dad Will Love This Father’s Day



Father’s Day gift ideas need to happen now if you’re gonna present Dad with a gift by Sunday, June 21st. But this year, maybe try giving those classic dad gifts with a storage twist. Try these below.

  1. Charging Station

Charging station









via Better Homes and Gardens

Take an old toolbox and convert it into a charging station for those new electronics you’re getting Dad. Be sure to measure the box before you cut the board that will go inside. Then, puncture holes where the cords will go through.

  1. Lockable Beer Storage










via Home Brew Talk

As we move to a paperless society, beer is the perfect replacement to Dad’s old filing cabinet. A beer of the month club won’t go to waste when he can store his monthly gift and lock it up from others.

  1. Golf Club Tie Rack










via Pinterest

Combine work and play with this innovative décor for Dad’s token Father’s Day tie.

  1. Garage Ceiling Storage Rack







Via The Family Handyman

Overhead space in the garage is seldom utilized, but it’s perfect for lightweight equipment like fishing rods.

  1. Wristwatch Drawer Display








via Watchuseek

Watches are shoes to men, so it’s best to keep them in proper order before they clutter the entire dresser. If you have an extra drawer, take an old seat cushion and cut out inserts with a knife.

And there you have it – some stellar Father’s Day gift ideas plus the storage hacks that go along with them.

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  1. I love the idea about using everyday items to create new items for storing items. The thought behind a beer storage unit. if could be very use full in the fact in keeps the area organized, clean and out of sight.

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