10 Things to Know Before Having a Baby

There’s nothing like hindsight. It’s true we all have to learn for ourselves, but when it comes to parenthood, it’s possible to prepare with a few practical hints from practiced parents! So, laugh, cry and evolve with this new parenting video, 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Having a Baby.

Here’s a countdown from the video of 10 pieces of parental wisdom to tuck away in your brain for when baby arrives.

Ten: Don’t listen to all the opinions. It’s difficult for new parents to give themselves permission to listen to their guts, but it’s a skill that’s quickly honed. New parents are encouraged to ignore 100 percent of the unsolicited, but hopefully well-meaning parenting advice they receive. (The exception, of course, is this blog post.)

Nine: Getting on a schedule is very necessary. Ah, it sounds so simple, but even the best schedules can get dismissed more quickly than a baby can vomit on a fresh onesie. However, it’s vital to try, and keep trying. Sticking to a schedule for feeding and sleeping makes life easier, and helps babies learn the difference between night and day.

Eight: Parenting is difficult. Parents must adjust to a major life change. Parenthood is hard, hard work. It makes new moms and dads more tired than they’ve ever been! Babysitters will become heroes.

Seven: It’s best to let them be. That doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t teach values, but it does mean that parents are encouraged to slow down and get to know who their children are. It’s a much better approach than trying to mold children into what we think they should be.

Six: There will be a surprise around every corner. This one is hard. Control freaks, get ready… or don’t get ready. Predictability and control go out the window once the baby arrives. Parenthood is full of surprises, but some of them are so incredible that many parents go back for round two, three or four. Parents with more than four kids may need a different set of tips!

Five: Parents need to make room for the baby, but not too much. Yes, it’s time to organize and clear out space for baby, but it’s fine if that space at first is only a corner in a room. Separate designer nurseries are optional! And there’s no need to purchase even half of the baby gadgets out there. Many of those expensive items will create clutter and end up being given away. It’s even possible to wait until there’s a need for an item before buying it. An obvious exception is diapers!

Four: It’s important to appreciate the now. We’ve all been told to live in the present, but that applies so much to parenthood. No matter how difficult it gets, it’s important to make an effort to appreciate it all while it’s happening. Here’s another thing we’ve heard a million times because it’s true: You can’t go back.

Three: Being grateful is nice. Yeah, parents may be so cranky from lack of sleep they forget they’re holding a little one they dreamed about for a long time.  Appreciate the poop machine? Yes!

Two: Don’t expect perfection. Parents mess up. Parents lose patience. Parents cry some too. Reading seven parenting books won’t prevent it. Even those parents who seem to have it so together, they’re messing up too.

One: Parents love so much. We all know love, but only parents know the superhuman love a mother or father feels for their child. It’s a different love. A bigger love. A surprisingly huge, heart-exploding love. It’s what gets parents through.

There it is – all the parenting observations you need! Now is the time to relax and look forward to it all.