Make These 7 New Year’s Resolutions to Conquer Clutter in 2015

Posted on Dec 26 2014 - 6:23pm by Garret Stembridge












  1. Downsize your wardrobe.

Chances are your closet and drawers are filled with clothing you haven’t worn in years or simply forgot about. Conquer clutter by first getting rid of all of the shirts, pants, and shoes you don’t wear anymore. Sell them for extra cash or donate them to people who will make good use of them.

  1. Downsize everything else.

Make an effort to throw away, donate, or sell everything else in your home that you don’t need. This could mean miscellaneous items stashed under your bed, things stored in boxes inside your garage, old toys your kids haven’t played with in years, and anything else hiding in your home.

  1. Learn to live with less.

Getting rid of excess clutter is not an excuse to replace it with more. It’s important to learn to live with less after you’ve cleared out your home so you can maintain more order in your home.

  1. Make smarter purchases.

Cut down the clutter by avoiding unnecessary purchases. Try to only buy something if you need it to replace something else. Some people follow the “buy something, throw something out” rule; consider this as a mantra to live by.

  1. Plan ahead.

To piggyback on the last point: “Make smarter purchases.” Almost all of us have the bad habit of coming home with more things than intended after a shopping trip. To avoid this, make a shopping list. But most important, stick to it! This will reduce unnecessary clutter and save you money in the long run.

  1. Maintain a regular cleaning routine.

Clutter can pile up quickly if you don’t maintain a regular cleaning schedule. For 2015, come up with a solid cleaning routine and be diligent about following it. Whether you choose to do a full home cleaning once or twice a week, consistency is key to a clutter-free life. Mark cleaning days on your calendar if you find it helpful.

  1. Stay organized.

Make sure everything in your home has a place. Giving designated areas for your belongings can help keep your home clean and clear of clutter. Use storage bins, containers, and labels to help you stay organized.

Have a new year’s resolution to add to the list? Share it with us!