5 Survival Tips You Need to Know Before Moving an Elderly Parent

Are you moving your mother across the country to a senior community? Or maybe your dad is coming to stay with you. No matter the situation, moving a senior parent from his or her home can be difficult. Here are a few survival tips:


Communicate Effectively

First, sit down with your parent and discuss the reasons for the move along with the plan of attack for the move itself. Be sure you both see eye to eye before you make any major decisions. It’s understandable for your parent to be hesitant. After all, he or she has likely lived in the same place for thirty or forty years! Give your parent plenty of choices regarding the move so he or she doesn’t feel a loss of freedom or control.

Plan Ahead

Before you even start packing the first box, make a detailed plan. What furnishings are needed at your parent’s new place? How many square feet do you have to work with? Once you know the specifics of the new place, you can begin to sort and organize your parent’s belongings accordingly.

Respect Your Parent’s Emotions

It’s an unfortunate reality when downsizing: there are bound to be items that your parent wants to keep but that won’t fit at the new location. Respect your parent’s feelings when it comes to their possessions. After all, they’re more than just belongings – they’re memories. Be sensitive when trying to help your parent work through the decision process.

Rent a Storage Unit

Instead of convincing your parent to part with treasured possessions, consider renting a storage unit. Self-storage gives you the best of both worlds. Your parent will be able to keep some of his or her belongings under lock and key while clearing up space in the new home. It offers the perfect solutions for sentimental items, such as photographs, books and family heirlooms, that your parent won’t need constant access to but still wants to keep.

Get Help

Moving your parent out of a home he or she has lived in for the past thirty or forty years is a big job. Enlist the help of family, friends, or even a professional mover. Hiring a pro can be expensive, but it can take the stress off you during the move so that you can be there for your parent.

When it comes time to move your parent to a smaller home or some type of senior living, it can be an emotional and draining process. These tips will help you survive – and keep the relationship with your parent intact.

Do you have any tips for moving with an elderly parent?

Photo source Flickr