8 Easy, Crucial Steps to Follow for Moving Back In with Mom and Dad

Posted on Aug 8 2014 - 9:44am by Dayna Hathaway

Don’t panic. Thousands (or millions?) have survived after making the decision to move back home as adults. First, realize it’s better to move back in with your parents than live in a box, usually. Second, keep your end goal in mind. Whether you’re trying to make it through grad school, saving for a mortgage, or just generally unemployed, living at home temporarily can work for you. Third, do ask your parents before showing up with suitcases!

How to Move Back in with Parents and Live to Tell about it

No one out there will tell you it’s easy to lose some of your freedom. You will live, and I’m here with some tips to help you live more easily. And, since cats are such versatile creatures, I’m illustrating this post in cat.

Begin a new outside-of-the-house hobby. Take a few coins out of the piggy bank, and take up one of these outstanding ways to pass the time away from home: running or brisk walking, yoga or Pilates classes, tai chi in the park or swimming at the community center. If you have no coins to spare, try volunteer work or a side job as a pet sitter, tutor or barista.


8 Easy, Crucial Steps to Follow for Moving Back In with Mom and Dad

Pet sitting can (literally) be a great way to get out of the house. Image by Sheila Sund flickr.


Say thank you, a lot! Even if your parents say they adore having you around, thank them on a regular basis.

Keep your unsolicited advice to yourself. I know I sound blunt here, but please don’t attempt to convince your parents to change anything about the way they live. After all, they were enjoying that empty nest, and don’t want your advice about where to buy the best fair trade coffee, local eggs or organic milk.


8 Easy, Crucial Steps to Follow for Moving Back In with Mom and Dad

Parents get set in their routines too, so remember things could get tense if you try to give a lot of unwelcome advice. Image by Colby Stopa flickr.


Use storage. If your parents don’t have room for your belongings, don’t insist on cluttering their closets. Decide which belongings you really want to keep for later, and then choose a storage unit. Bonus: Visiting your storage unit is yet another reason to leave the house!

Stay positive. You’ve heard that a million times, sure. But is there any other time in your life when you’ve felt quite so down as the moment you realized you’d have to move back home? Your parents likely know it’s not easy for you, but spare them the complaining. That’s what your friends are for!


8 Easy, Crucial Steps to Follow for Moving Back In with Mom and Dad

Unlike this kitty, be social with a thank you dinner. Image by Helena Jacoba flickr.


Start off with an aim to impress. You do know how to cook at least one dish, right? Do it! Cook dinner for your parents during your first week back at home.

Consider paying rent. Huh?!? If you pay something each month, it might motivate you to get out of there more quickly. Free can be a bad word.

Set boundaries, but be considerate too. You didn’t get angry when your roommate asked, “Where have you been?” Did you? Parents worry, but they shouldn’t completely rob you of privacy. Right from the start, agree on some ground rules to avoid tense situations, such as being tracked down by the police because your parents haven’t seen you in days!

Also, be sure to have your parents read our 7 Tips to Prepare Yourself for When Your Adult Child Moves Home. Having both sides go into it prepared will make for an overall great experience.

8 Easy, Crucial Steps to Follow for Moving Back In with Mom and Dad

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