How to Store Trophies

Does someone you live with treasure their high school trophies? Throwing them away is out of the question (at least according to them), but if you need to make room for other stuff in your home, you’ll need to reach a compromise: keep those memories safely in storage.

Here’s how to wrap and store trophies.

You’ll need:

  • bubble wrap
  • masking/duct tape
  • scissors
  • marker
  • box(es)


Securely Wrap Trophy in Bubble Wrap1. Gently, yet securely, shape the bubble wrap around your trophy, then tape it. It should mold to the original shape so that all aspects are fully-padded.






Wrap Trophy in another Layer of Bubble Wrap2. Create an additional layer of bubble wrap and fold neatly so that your trophies almost appear like cubes.






Label the Trophy3. Label each trophy with marker on either masking tape or duct tape.






Pack Trophy in Box with Additional Bubble Wrap4. Pack the wrapped trophies in a box padded with additional bubble wrap.

Voila! Now you’ve stored your memories and can easily unearth unearth them whenever nostalgia strikes.