Don’t Be Guns N’ Roses Without Climate Control

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 8:00am by David Decker

Storage in a non-climate-controlled room can damage many types of things. Wine can turn to vinegar in low humidity. Photos can yellow and curl. Grandma’s antique credenza can suddenly look a lot more like a flea-market steal.

Trust me, grandma will not be amused by the crack in the credenza.

Musical instruments can also be easily damaged by extreme heat and cold, and changes in humidity. Violins, clarinets, and pianos left in storage without climate control can end up warped, cracked, and discolored. French horns, trombones, and trumpets can expand and contract, throwing them permanently out of tune. Skin drums can grow mold.

The last thing you want is a moldy drum.

Turns out that rock stars need climate control as much as orchestral soloists do. Guitars can warp and crack just like violins. And dust can wreak havoc with electric guitars, keyboards, and equipment like amplifiers and mixer boards.

Leaving his guitar and amp in a hot storage unit for a summer could leave even Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash playing like a high-school garage-band front man.

Here’s what Guns N’ Roses sounds like performing their iconic “Sweet Child O’ Mine” before Slash put his guitar in storage for the summer:

And here’s what they would probably sound like after:

This is not what you want. Don’t be like Slash without climate control. Your audience will thank you.

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