4 Steps for Taking Your Boat Out of Storage

Posted on Jul 3 2014 - 8:00am by Dayna Hathaway

???????????????????????????????????????????Summertime means fun in the sun, barbeques, and boat trips on the water. But before you take your family and friends out to sea (or on the lake), follow these steps to make sure your boat is ready for the water once it comes out of storage.

1. Clean the boat.

Use gentle cleaning products to clean the windows and foot traffic areas of the boat. Also, make sure that all of the drains are clear and functional.

2. Polish the boat.

Just like a car, you’ll want to wax the finish on the boat to get it ready for water exposure. If you have wood finishing anywhere, you’ll want to take care of those areas with wood protectors (and staining, if needed).

3. Inspect electric and engine of the boat.

Check fuel lines for leaks that may have developed over time. Spray the motor’s movable parts for lubrication. Read the full list of technical checks if you’re the one doing the internal check up.

4. Secure the boat.

Make sure that all of the necessary gear is present and accounted for. This includes: life jackets, registration, and tools.